What Is A Buckle Fracture? Cause, Recovery, And Everything About It

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What Is A Buckle Fracture

what is a buckle fracture? This must be the first question in your mind after hearing the word buckle fracture. We are here to answer all your queries. A buckle fracture is also known as incomplete fracture and is common in children. But what is it actually and why more in children and less common in adults? Let us know everything about what is a buckle fracture below.

What Is A buckle fracture?

A buckle fracture is a type of broken bone. In this fracture, one side of the bone bends and the other side raises like a buckle but does not break. This is a stable fracture as the bone breaks but does not separate. It is many times called torus fracture.

Another example of an incomplete fracture is greenstick. In this, the bone bends and cracks but it does not break.

If a child suffers from buckle fracture it may take at least 6 weeks to recover and a longer time in adults.

Who Has The Risk Of Buckle Fracture?

Buckle fracture most commonly occurs to children below 10 and adults have very fewer chances of having a buckle fracture. Most commonly in legs and arms.

The reason is that children below 10 have soft and flexible bones, unlike adults. Adults suffering from osteoporosis that means they have weak bones also have the risk of buckle fracture.

Adults who are into extreme sports also have the risk of getting buckle fracture.

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Causes Of Buckle Fracture

A fracture can be a result of a fall that may cause a serious impact or accident. The reason for the bone having a buckle fracture and not cracking is that the injury is severe but not so bad that the bone breaks all the way. And children have a very soft bone so the injury results in a buckle and not breaking the bone.

Kids playing various sports like bicycle riding or climbing tree has the risk of the injury when they fall or meet accidents while playing.

Adults that have osteoporosis are at the risk of buckle fracture. Adults having  general weakness, balance problem and poor nutrition also increases the risk of bone fracture in adults

Buckle Fracture Symptoms

When a child or adult has a buckle fracture they will feel lots of pain with swelling, bruising, or tenderness where they are hurt. A stable fracture is less painful than the other fractures. If the buckle fracture is serious then you can see the bend in the arm or leg that is hurt. Although anything seen abnormal in the arm or leg that is hurt does not rule out that it is a fracture.

If the injury is in the forearm the child or person will not be able to turn their wrist or elbow and if the leg bone is broken then it will be very painful to put weight n it. Putting weight on the leg that s hurt can cause breakage and even the symptoms may get worse.

Diagnosis Of Buckle Fracture

The one way that doctors use to diagnose buckle fracture is X-ray. In a buckle fracture, an abnormal bend in the arm or leg can be seen. The bends on the outer side that Is on the opposite side of the broken bone. Which is different from the greenstick fracture.

The doctor will have to take several x-rays to see the effect that bone has on more than one angle and also they will check that the injury has occurred on the nearby joints.

The X-ray also locates the exact location and size of the injury. A doctor may also check for the feelings on the hand and legs to check if any nerve has been damaged or not.

Buckle Fracture Treatment

The treatment of the fracture should be as soon as possible no matter the injured is a child or adult. Although children may recover more quickly than adults.

The broken arm or leg is stabilized by your doctor with a cast or removable splints. This helps to protect and prevent the bone from moving and being injured further.

Removable splints help the bone to immobilized and they also can be removed when bathing.

If the fracture is bad and does not line up correctly for healing then surgery can be necessary for setting the bone in place. Surgery can increase the duration of recovery by a few weeks.

Recovery of Buckle Fracture

The injury of Buckle fracture can be recovered by wearing a cast or split within at least 3 to 4 weeks. And if surgery is required then it may take a few more weeks. If the injury is on the leg then you will have to put less pressure on the hurt leg. You will also have to use walking both for protecting the leg although it is suggested to avoid walking in a leg injury.

After a few weeks, the cast or splint is removed and you can slowly return to normal activities. But doctors may suggest rest more and avoid being a part of activities that have a high risk of getting hurt for some more weeks.

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Home Care

If a child is suffering from buckle fracture injury you must immediately start the treatment and help them healing. You should follow the doctor’s advice and encourage the child to remain calm while protecting the injured part to heal and recover sooner.

Keep the injured arm or leg elevated for the first few days.

Ice the injured area regularly for a day or two. Ice it after every hour or two.

Do not use any creams or other products in the cast or splint as they may feel it a bit itchy.

Be in contact with your doctor and follow all the advice suggested by the doctor.


How Long Does It Take For A Buckle Fracture To Heal In A Child?

A child may recover from buckle fracture within four to six weeks with a cast or removable splint that protects and controls the movement of the injured part.

Is A Buckle Fracture Serious?

A buckle fracture can cause lots of pain but the pain can also subside of the injured arm or leg is protected. It is a stable fracture and is less painful than unstable fractures. If the fracture is very serious you will see the bend in a very abnormal way

How Is A Buckle Fracture Treated?

A buckle fracture is treated with a cast or removable buckle fracture splits. Depending on the part of an arm or leg injured doctor will suggest slings in case of buckle wrist fracture or walking booth if someone has buckle fractured foot.

How Do You Get A Buckle Fracture?

A person or child may get a Buckle fracture from a fall that causes the bones to slightly compress. The bone injured does not break completely but will form a bend like a buckle and will cause lots of pain with swelling and discomfort.

Will My Child Need A Cast With A Buckle Fracture?

A buckle fracture in the wrist is a small area of compressed bone. Your child should wear a removable backslab (partial cast) or splint for three weeks. A sling may help reduce discomfort. Most children will not need a follow-up appointment or X-ray, because buckle fractures usually heal quickly without any problems.

Can A Buckle Fracture Heal Without A Cast?

Because buckle fractures are not complete fractures, they are very stable fractures and heal quickly. A cast is not usually necessary, and we typically treat these with a removable Velcro® wrist brace. The brace can be removed for bathing but should otherwise be worn at all times while the patient has pain.

Is A Buckle Fracture Worse Than A Break?

A buckle fracture causes a lot of acute pain. The pain may subside if the injured limb is protected. By definition, a buckle fracture is a stable fracture and stable fractures are less painful than unstable fractures. If the fracture is serious enough, you may be able to see the arm or leg bend in an abnormal way.

Do Buckle Fractures Need A Cast?

Buckle fractures are non-displaced stable fractures, meaning that the bone did not move. They can be treated with either a wrist splint or a short arm cast, both of which give the fracture the protection it needs to heal.


Buckle fractures are mostly seen in children than an adult as they have soft bones. Adults that suffer from bone weakness or nutrition problems may also suffer from buckle fracture. The symptoms of a buckle fracture are that the area hurt will feel lots of pain the joint nearby will be more painful to move. In worst injuries, you can see a bend of the arm or leg. You must immediately contact your doctor and start the treatment. Treatment will be done using a cast or removable splint in worst cases surgery can be performed.

Proper treatment and care can recover the injury within four to six weeks with cast or splints. Children may recover more speedily than adults. In the above article, we have mentioned everything about what is a buckle fracture that you should know.


What Is A Buckle Fracture? Cause, Recovery, And Everything About It

What Is A Buckle Fracture? Cause, Recovery, And Everything

What Is A Buckle Fracture? Cause, Recovery

Buckle Fracture? Cause, Recovery, And Everything About It

Cause, Recovery, And Everything About It