What is a forever rose and how to offer it

Rohan Mathew

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Roses represent love, passion and commitment for centuries. This is for sure the best way to share your feelings and happiness with the people you care about. Yes, there are many ways to give roses. But if you want your gift to last forever, choose the everlasting rose, also known as the immortal rose.

Roses that last a long time

Traditional fresh roses only last a couple of days. Within a week, their flowers begin to fall, their smell fades, and they begin to lose their petals. This is one of the biggest disadvantage of traditional roses. They can be very beautiful but expensive, especially if you want to have some all year round.

Unlike classic roses, forever roses do not fade. They retain their beauty and color over the years. Do you know why? They are soaked in a mixture of products to preserve the flower in its natural color and greatly extend its life.

Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the bloom authentic look and feel can last for many years. The roses are also cut fresh and rigorously selected in order to have the best flower from a visual and qualitative point of view. The fresh flowers are not put into a vase to only last 5 days. If you want to offer red roses on Valentine’s Day, forever roses are perfect.

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Forever roses are easy to care for

As amazing as a bouquet of freshly cut roses can be, it can be stressful to maintain. This is your job to make sure the flowers are hydrated with fresh water in a clean vase. Of course, you’ll need to prune the wilted leaves, among the many other things you’ll need to do.

With the roses of eternity, you’re freeing yourself from all those time-consuming maintenance tasks. All you have to do is dust them from time to time to preserve their beauty.

The eternal rose can also be used in a variety of ways. As a centerpiece, they will brighten up your guests while adding a romantic touch. In the waiting room of your office too, this rose will make a sensation and make the room much more convivial. A bouquet of eternal roses can even decorate any room, from the living room to the dressing table.

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Personalized forever roses

Good luck finding a workshop where you can pick a blue or black rose arrangement. The truth is that it’s impossible to find. The same is true when you order from some online florists, who offer only limited options to customize your flower arrangements.

Did you know that in the world, there are way more than 20 shades of roses ? Even a rose can have three different colors. So many options with which you can create authentic floral arrangements that meet your needs.

To satisfy you even more, you can customize the number of roses and their arrangement. To symbolize love, the bell rose is by far the best alternative. Decorative accessory in its own right, this model finds its place in every room of the house. For a special occasion, such as weddings, prefer the bouquet.