What is the best medication for anxiety in 2020?

Rohan Mathew

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They say, “Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but it empties today of its strengths.”

Yes, we are talking about anxiety. A therapeutic condition that is spreading its arms worldwide, creating more and more people pack under the same.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety explains itself all in “Overthinking or Over worrying about things that cannot get under control.” Like Future, Relationships, Family Disputes, etc. It is an emotion that heightens our responses to all the tiny feats to be worried about. It can also be recognized as Nervousness2.0.

Some of the notable symptoms include – Difficult Concentrating, Rapid Breathing, Fatigue, Restlessness, etc.

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Furthermore, this infirmity occurs in humankind worldwide here and then.

Nowadays, people do realize what they feel and are open to discuss it with their loved ones, but before in time, it was not an easier task.

This communication gap is the most abiding problem that shoots up the power given to anxiety or our inner fears. It provides a patient with a lot to do, but it doesn’t take them any far.

In this case, too, if the anxiety or our inner fears subjugate us once in a blue moon, it sounds okay, but if it tries to defeat us now and then, then it might be announced as a disorder that needs a timely cure.

Is it necessary to take medication?

The initial route of remedy for an anxiety disorder is usually cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT. This formula is a well-established, highly competent, and enduring treatment.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a strategy that requires altering your way of thinking as well as your behavioural patterns. Some CBT accessions include behavioural activation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Most doctors or psychiatrists try to help the patient with psychotherapies and exercise, and then accordingly, after understanding their level of concern, they prescribe medicine. On the other hand, some doctors prescribe a medication first and then go for the treatment, which might not be fruitful if it is imperative to understand the underlying cause.

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Some of the non-medical treatments may include the following lifestyle changes:

  • Supporting foundations
  • Talk healing
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Kinship with supportive family members and friends
  • Eating a healthy diet

Besides, some of the significant medical treatments require proper medications to take it forward.

Here is a form of medication used to cure anxiety as a mental state for over 12% of the humankind.


Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan are the types of drugs under this category. These medications help patients in reducing anxiety and insomnia.

Short term use of these medications is on high recommendation. Ironically, long term uses hugely depend on the tolerance of adverse effects comprising drowsiness, vision problems, and feelings of depression. They work by triggering a tranquilizing element in the brain.

These types of medicines are in use in the USA as a cure for panic attacks, Insomnia, Anxiety Disorders, alcohol withdrawal, etc.


It is a drug brought in use for majorly General anxiety disorders, keeping in mind the same short-term usage. Do not drink alcohol while taking this medicine. Mostly used in the USA, this drug is bought in use to treat panic disorder, seizures, anxiety, etc. It may be a habit-forming drug; therefore, it needs to be taken care of, especially by not being shared with other people. Before inheriting this medicine, one must concern a specialist like a doctor or a pharmacist, anyone who knows all about your medical history and can prescribe you the right drug in the right quantity. Do not take this medicine for over nine weeks without a prescription.

Awareness is the key. The family or other caregivers should also be sharp to modifications in your mode or indications. Klonopin is not a recommendation for kids younger than 18 years of age. This fact makes the person more accountable for finding where to buy Clonazepam in the USA.

Various legitimate pharmacies are selling this drug online, but it is only valid to buy this medicine from a prescription-based pharmacy. As the overdose of medication can cause addiction, or even death, this point matters. Many pharmacies online can provide you with this medication without a prescription too, but that can generate other doubts about the actual medicine. Medicines in the USA are often considerably more costly than they are in other parts of the world. This problem leads many individuals to attempt to find less expensive versions online. This is why below mentioned are the pointers to keep in mind while looking out for places where to buy Clonazepam in the USA.

Buying Klonopin Online

Few pointers to keep in mind while buying Klonopin online are –

Buying from Online Pharmacies that do have a storefront out there.

Ensure the store or business is registered and have a legitimate address and phone number for the same.

Nevermore acquire any prescript vaccinations from an online pharmacy that lack a prescription requirement.

Buy Klonopin Online can be a risk for sure, but taking measures against it can be fevered.

“Stepping out of business is a great feeling,” which is what is provided to a patient by enrolling in Klonopin treatment.

In my opinion though, it should always be the non-medical treatment having the upper hand in mending people around, rather than a drug that is a cure for sure but can lead to other major related aspects.

I wish good luck in creating peace with the minds and probably helping oneself turn out a person with better mental health and behavioural actions.