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Are you curious to know what is material control? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about material control in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is material control?

In the realm of manufacturing, construction, and other industries, the effective management of materials is a cornerstone of success. Material control, often referred to as inventory control or materials management, is a strategic approach that ensures the right materials are available in the right quantities, at the right time, and at the right cost. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of material control, its significance, methods, and its pivotal role in optimizing operations and minimizing costs.

What Is Material Control?

Material control encompasses a set of processes, strategies, and practices aimed at efficiently handling and overseeing the flow of materials throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to consumption. It involves managing raw materials, components, finished goods, and other resources essential for production and operations. The primary objectives of material control include:

  1. Minimizing Costs: Efficient material control helps in reducing excess inventory, avoiding stockouts, and optimizing procurement, leading to cost savings.
  2. Improving Efficiency: By ensuring the availability of materials when needed, material control enhances production processes, minimizes downtime, and increases overall operational efficiency.
  3. Enhancing Quality: Proper management of materials contributes to maintaining consistent quality standards by preventing the use of outdated or substandard materials.
  4. Streamlining Processes: Material control facilitates streamlined workflows, better coordination among departments, and improved communication regarding material requirements.

Methods Of Material Control

Several methods and techniques are employed in material control to achieve the aforementioned objectives:

  1. ABC Analysis: This technique categorizes materials into three groups based on their value and usage: A items (high-value, low-usage), B items (moderate value and usage), and C items (low-value, high-usage). It helps in prioritizing inventory management efforts.
  2. Just-in-Time (JIT): JIT is a lean manufacturing approach where materials are procured and delivered just in time for production, reducing inventory costs and waste.
  3. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ): EOQ calculates the optimal order quantity that minimizes total inventory costs by considering factors like carrying costs and ordering costs.
  4. Material Requirements Planning (MRP): MRP is a computer-based system that helps plan and manage materials by forecasting demand, tracking inventory levels, and scheduling orders.
  5. Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI): In VMI, the supplier takes responsibility for managing and replenishing the customer’s inventory based on agreed-upon levels.

Significance Of Material Control

Effective material control offers a multitude of benefits to organizations:

  1. Cost Savings: By preventing overstocking or stockouts, material control helps in minimizing carrying costs, storage expenses, and production disruptions.
  2. Optimized Production: Proper material management ensures uninterrupted production, reduced downtime, and improved overall operational efficiency.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Meeting customer demand promptly and consistently contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Resource Allocation: Material control enables better allocation of resources, time, and effort toward critical production and operational tasks.
  5. Data-Driven Decisions: Through data analysis and insights, material control empowers organizations to make informed decisions regarding procurement, production, and inventory levels.


Material control is an indispensable practice that empowers organizations to optimize their material resources, streamline operations, and make informed decisions. By ensuring the right materials are available at the right time and cost, material control contributes to cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Whether in manufacturing, construction, or any industry reliant on materials, mastering the art of material control is key to achieving sustainable growth, profitability, and operational excellence.

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What Are The Three Main Areas Of Material Control?

It is concerned with purchase, storage and use of materials so as to minimize wastage and losses. The process of material control is classified in three stages, namely, purchase, storage and issue of materials.

What Are The Methods Of Material Control?



What Is Material Control Cost Accounting?

In simple words material control is a systematic control over the purchasing, storing and using of materials so as to have the minimum possible cost of materials.

What Is The Objective Of Material Control?

The main object of material control is to ensure smooth and unrestricted production. Production stoppages and production delays cause substantial loss to a concern.

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