What Is RAC In Train?

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For frequent train travelers, the term “RAC” may sound familiar, yet its intricacies might remain unclear. RAC, or Reservation Against Cancellation, plays a crucial role in ensuring that more passengers can embark on their train journeys. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the nuances of RAC in train tickets, providing clarity on its meaning, significance, and how it affects your travel experience.

What Is RAC In Train?

RAC, short for Reservation Against Cancellation, is a category of train ticket that allows passengers to board the train even when their seat or berth is not confirmed. It serves as a bridge between a waitlisted ticket and a confirmed ticket, providing a partial assurance to passengers.

Number Of RAC Seats In A Train:

The number of RAC seats in a train depends on the specific train and its seating capacity. Generally, a certain percentage of total seats are allocated as RAC to accommodate more passengers while maintaining a balance between confirmed and waitlisted bookings.

RAC Means Seat Confirmed:

While RAC doesn’t guarantee a confirmed seat initially, it does ensure that passengers get a seat or berth to travel. As the journey date approaches and cancellations occur, RAC passengers have the chance to move into the confirmed status.

RAC Ticket Status:

When you book a ticket and it falls under the RAC category, your ticket status will be displayed as “RAC” along with a specific number, indicating your position on the RAC list. As cancellations happen, passengers move up the RAC list, eventually securing a confirmed seat.

RAC Ticket Meaning:

An RAC ticket implies that you have a reserved seat or berth, but it may be shared with another passenger. It ensures that you can board the train and occupy a seat, even if it is initially a shared accommodation.

What Is RAC In Train In India:

In the context of Indian Railways, RAC in train tickets is a common feature designed to maximize seat utilization. It allows more passengers to travel, especially on high-demand routes, without compromising on comfort and safety.

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RAC Ticket – The Journey:

Here’s how the journey unfolds for passengers holding RAC tickets:

  • Boarding the Train: RAC ticket holders can board the train just like passengers with confirmed tickets.
  • Sharing Berths: Initially, RAC passengers may share a berth with another RAC passenger. As cancellations occur, the shared berths may get split into two confirmed berths.
  • Movement to Confirmed Status: With every cancellation, RAC ticket holders move up the RAC list. When a seat becomes available, they are allotted a confirmed seat.

What Is RAC In Train In Hindi:

RAC in train tickets is referred to as “रेजर्वेशन अगेंस्ट कैंसलेशन” in Hindi. Understanding RAC in Hindi allows passengers to navigate the reservation system seamlessly.


In conclusion, RAC in train tickets is a dynamic concept introduced to accommodate more passengers and optimize seat utilization. While an RAC ticket may not guarantee a confirmed seat initially, it provides the assurance of boarding the train and the possibility of securing a confirmed seat as the journey date approaches. As you embark on your train journeys, having a clear understanding of RAC enhances your travel experience and ensures a smoother ride on India’s extensive railway network.


Can RAC Be Confirmed?

RAC means reservations against cancellation. It gives you a right to board the train and a right to share side lower with another passenger. For all pRACtical purposes it is a confirmed ticket. In 99.9% chances it result into allotment of full berth( i am not using word confirmed because it is already confirmed).

Which Is Better RAC Or Wl?

RAC is better because on RAC ticket holder has been allocated seat for travel in reserved coach and also eligible to get berth if available in running train. Tickets holder having WL ticket is not allowed to enter in reserve coach. WL is acronym for Wait List and RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation.

Can I Travel With RAC Ticket?

Yes, you can board the train with an RAC ticket. The passenger with a Reservation Against Cancellation(RAC) ticket will not be allotted with the berth initially. The passenger should share the side-lower berth/seat with an another passenger with RAC, until the Ticket Collector allots the berth.

What Happens If I Get RAC In Train?

A train ticket RAC means that you’re allowed in the coach and can share your berth. While it’s not a guarantee that these bookings will always convert to a Confirmed ticket, sometimes when a passenger with a Confirmed status does not show up, RAC quota travellers can get their own seat.

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