What Is Secret Network (SCRT) Cryptocurrency?

Berry Mathew

What Is Secret Network (SCRT) Cryptocurrency?

Since its start, Bitcoin has struggled to strike a balance amongst transparency as well as privacy. This delicate balancing act used to be simple since transactions were transparent but the identities of the parties involved in them remained unidentified. Are you unsure of the need for a Bitcoin network? If so, here is the role of a bitcoin network and how it functions.

Numerous businesses nowadays are focused on studying these transactions. Even now, it may soon be required by some countries to link your personal identification to your cryptocurrency wallet. Many in the cryptocurrency industry have justifiably seen this level of regulatory overreach as intolerable.

For major organisations and the general public to completely adopt cryptocurrencies, some level of control is required. Secret Network is a virtual currency initiative that appears to have discovered the centre place people have been seeking, with privacy currencies like Monero on one side and entirely consistent cryptos like Stellar on the other side.

An Overview Of Secret Network’s History

Secret Network is descended from the Enigma cryptocurrency project. Can Kisagun and Guy Zyskind, both MIT graduate students, launched Enigma in 2014. For Ethereum, Enigma had been a layer-2 scaling tool that gave smart contracts more anonymity.

Before starting the Secret Network, Guy Zyskind served as a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. Before helping to build the Secret Network, Can Kisagun had a plethora of business expertise, having founded a number of his own businesses.

The Enigma mainnet started operations on February 13th, 2020, and was later renamed Secret Network following a community vote on May 16th. The primary development firm behind Enigma, now known as SCRT Labs, is still a part of the Secret Network project even though it formally continues as Enigma. The Secret Network relies heavily on Tor Bair as a contributor. He worked with Can Kisagun to get his MBA at MIT, which is how he got engaged with Enigma. 

Knowing More About Secret Network

The first blockchain for cryptocurrencies to allow purely private smart contracts is Secret Network. As a result, all inputs and outputs for smart contracts are entirely encrypted. Even the nodes managing the blockchain for the Secret Network are unable to observe transactions executed on Secret Smart Contracts.

However, the native SCRT token of Secret Network does not constitute a privacy coin. Similar to those on Bitcoin or Ethereum, all transactions conducted in SCRT are visible to the public. On the other hand, like Monero, Secret tokens created on the Secret Network maintain secrecy by default.

According to Secret Network, for cryptocurrencies to become widely accepted, there needs to be a balance between openness and privacy. Additionally, it opens up a variety of cryptocurrency use cases that were previously restricted by their transparent blockchains, which may expose private data.

How Is Secret Network Put To Use?

The Cosmos SDK was utilised to create a Secret Network. As a result, it makes use of the delegated proof of stake Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus process.

Secret Contract

Built on the Secret Network, Secret Contracts are smart contracts that protect privacy. These are WASM-compiled and Rust-coded. Trusted Execution Environments are used for all transactions using Secret Contracts (TEEs). TEEs function as a “black box” where encrypted data may be computed and are present in various devices, including smartphones and game systems.

Secret Tokens

On the Secret Network, the SNIP-20 standard may be used to create secret tokens. With the exception of the fact that all secret token maintain their privacy safeguarded by default, this token standard is identical to that of Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard.. For usage in secret contracts, secret tokens are utilised.


Secret Network was established as a means of enhancing anonymity in the cryptocurrency industry. I sincerely hope you found this cryptocurrency information useful.