What Is The Dress Code For Vegas Strip Clubs?

Rohan Mathew

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Although most of the world still stigmatizes adult entertainment, the Vegas experience is never complete without visiting a strip club and enjoying the amazing performances from topless entertainers and male revues. When planning a trip to Las Vegas to unwind with friends or solo, you are likely to hit the numerous strip clubs that call this great city home. 

When you do, WYNLV has prepared a few tips that will guide you to adhere to the set dress codes for an occasion in Vegas strip clubs. 

Dress Code For Men

Most high-end Las Vegas clubs have a strict dressing code that they expect from their male patrons. We have laid out several dos and don’ts for any man looking to kill it at the club.

Try a Solid Coloured V-Neck T-Shirt

It is no secret how good a man looks in a well-fitted solid-colored t-shirt, especially when it is v-neck shaped. Pairing this with well-fitted jeans will give you an entrance that is both simple and mysterious, a plus for the girls. 

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Wear Well-fitted Dress Pants or Jeans

While you could make an entrance with a dress pant that is not buggy, it is advisable to avoid wearing khakis. Well-fitted jeans paired with either a casual or official shirt will complete your look without seeming like you tried hard.

Avoid Buggy Suits

It is advisable to appear official in your outfit, but I would highly request you to slim fit the suit that is well tailored for you before rocking it to the club. As a fashion hack, men and women, in general, look good in clothes that fit them. Even when you are pulling a designer suit, you are likely to face a challenge with the clubs’ staff if it’s buggy.

Experiment With Collared Shirts

When trying to stand out in the fashionable nightlife scene of Las Vegas, trying a slim-fitted collared shirt might take you a long way through the night. When done correctly, especially designer-made, your style will be beyond the roof, ensuring that you enjoy your night.

Let Your Shoes Match Your Outfit  

Before deciding on what to wear, it is important to have matching shoe ware that matches the style you are going with. It is always a good choice to pair with dress shoes for formal wear, while stylish wear can be complemented with designer sneakers or dress boots.

Dress Code for Ladies

Ladies have a slightly higher chance of entering the strip club than guys, which is natural. It is important to appear well dressed and radiant to increase this likelihood, which will likely attract the host to allow you a quicker entry. We have listed a few tips to ensure you rock your entry like the boss you are.

Wear Heels

Heels tend to make a lady look bossy and classy at the same time, making it the perfect fit for a night out in the club. Although it is not mandatory, appearing in heels will set you apart from the rest of the ladies, giving you an easy pass at the entry.

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Accessorize With a Clutch

There is no need to have your handbag with you at the club but rather carry a clutch bag which should be enough for your phone and lipgloss. This accessory will give you a classy look which is highly appreciated in this setting.

Wear a Cocktail Dress

Having a slightly shorter, sexier dress that fits your body shape and is either dark or vibrant in color will give you the glow and complete your look instantly. As a rule of thumb, long dresses are highly discouraged in the party scene of Vegas strip clubs, and wearing these will likely inhibit your entry.

Do Not Wear These 

Some outfits are just a no in the strip club, and wearing them will definitely get you home early and sober. They include;

  1. Athletic wear
  2. Sandals or flip flops
  3. Work Boots
  4. Loose or baggy outfits
  5. Shorts
  6. Hats
  7. Sweat Pants
  8. Long dresses

It is always advisable to take a shower, dress up nice, and hit the club looking like a million bucks which will boost your confidence and mood throughout the night. Cleanliness will help you appear well-mannered, and this makes people gravitate towards you. 

Regardless of the occasion you are celebrating or attending, make sure what you are wearing is a well-fitted outfit for your body type. This will improve your sense of style with time and your experience as well.