Why induction cooking is better than gas and electric

Rohan Mathew

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Cooking is an art and science. It needs preparation and proper execution to prepare a delectable dish. The various modes of cooking are gas stove, electric hot plate and induction cook top. The most common is a gas stove and few cooking ranges offer electric burner besides the regular gas ones. Thus, it is a combination and privilege of cooking the way you want.

However, of late, the most popular form of cooking top is an induction stove and it is better for a number of reasons. It is a modern and effective way of cooking that saves time and energy.

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In an induction cook top, there are magnetic coils that induce electromagnetic energy, transmitted directly to heat the pan. There is no wastage of energy as the heat goes directly to the pan without unnecessary losses.

The pan is evenly heated, and heat is easily controlled by increasing or decreasing the temperature setting. The change in temperature is instant and thus the food gets the required heat at appropriate times. There are many inductions ranges available in the market that offers lot’s features. Some good quality induction ranges comes with self-steam cleaning feature that removes all the odors and stains.

In gas stove, the pan does not completely cover the flame and the open surrounding result in heat loss as the heat is not completely utilized by the pan while cooking. The radiant heat loss is also experienced in electric stove, as the coil gets heated all through and the area around the pan that is open is subjected to heat loss.

On the contrary, since induction works on electromagnetism, it develops and spreads heat only on the bottom of the pan that is in contact with the cook top. In gas stove and electric, there is barely utilization of energy around 38% and 70% respectively. However, induction supplies 80 to 90% energy and therefore makes cooking a faster process and efficient too.


  • Since the induction cook top relies on electromagnetic energy transmission, it does not heat up unless you put a magnetic base pan on the surface and raise the heat. On the other hand, electric or gas stove can be turned on without any pot or pan placed on it and this wastes a lot of heat energy.
  • The heat spread is uniform and the food gets well-distributed heat for cooking and hence cooks faster. The heat is directly passed to pan without any wastage, and therefore the cooking time is considerably reduced.
  • Induction range is easier to control and responds to temperature changes instantly. Besides, the top itself does not get hot and even if you touch it by mistake, there is no danger of shock or burn. Since the temperature adaptation is immediate, the food cooks evenly and faster.
  • The energy concentration is much higher and that speeds up the cooking. Water that takes around 2 minutes to boil on a gas stove, starts boiling in around a minute. This not only saves energy, but also reduces your working time in the kitchen.
  • Since there are no heat losses, there is saving in time and money, as the food cooks faster in less time and hence curtails the excess usage of electricity.
  • The food is cooked in a fast yet controlled manner and that helps retain the nutrients and flavors. There are minimal losses, and the food is cooked evenly.

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On an induction cook top, the cooking process is faster and more efficient. These cook tops are cheaper as compared to gas or electric stoves. Thus, for a lesser expense you get more and better benefits. There is saving of time, money and energy and you become free from your cooking duty in a shorter span to attend to other activities.

The heat transmission is directly between the cook top and the bottom of the pan, therefore there is no danger of the entire surface heating up and causing unforeseen accidents like shock or burning. Since the food cooks faster on an induction plate, the time required to keep the electricity on for consumption is reduced considerably.

There is no heating up of coils as in electric hot plate unnecessarily and therefore there is minimum electric utilization. As the plate responds instantly to variation in temperatures, there are no chances of energy losses.

LPG is quite expensive as the prices of petroleum products fluctuate and that can give a pinch to your pocket. Electric stove has coils that heat up to transmit the heat to the pan. This takes a while to reach the desired temperature and thus there is more electricity consumed. Again, this type of stove does not respond instantaneously to temperature change and controlling the heat becomes difficult.

There is no scope for any kind of pollution and the working area remains cool and clean. The electromagnetic transmission of heat ensures that only the pan gets heated and there is no dissipation of heat in the surrounding, thus heating up the air and making the room hot.


Even though many vouch for the joy of cooking on a traditional gas stove, where they feel that they can control and adjust the heat to suit their cooking style, there is a serious thought given to cooking on induction cook tops.

The main reason for this is that there is no loss of energy and the cooking is accomplished in an efficient manner. If used wisely, it helps save electricity and since the cooking is much faster on induction, there is less time spent in the kitchen, permitting you to pursue your other passions. Besides, induction cook tops being cheaper and economical than gas or electric stoves, they are preferred as modern cooking source.

Another best and final point of consideration to select induction cook top over traditional sources is that it is light and easy to carry around and you can conveniently take it with you wherever you go. Thus, think no further. Switch to induction cook top.