What Is the Legal Way for Filing a Slip and Fall Claim?

Rohan Mathew

As we all know that accidents happen all the time, whether with your fault or someone else’s or due to some external factors. But if you fall or slip down and you have sustained some kind of injury due to it then you don’t have to it lying down. When the moment of you slipping or falling down occurs, you need to write down the circumstances about how it happened and you should be able to answer the below mentioned questions as well:

  • What time did you slip and fall down?
  • What where the conditions around you when you slip and fall?
  • What type of shoes and clothes were you wearing at that time?
  • Did anyone witness you slipping and falling down? Did you get the name and contact information of that witness?
  • Was the accident inside or outside of the building where the fall had occurred?

These are some of the questions for which you should have all the required answers about because these are really important points for your slip and fall claim. All these must be shared with your attorney so that s/he can help you get good claim for the accident. For best San Diego slip and fall attorney consider checking with your local family and friends who had hired attorneys in the past.

Legal way to file a slip and fall claim:

Below mentioned are the steps which you need to follow for you to file the slip and fall claim in a legal way:

  • Contact Authorities

After you had a slip and fall accident, then you need to immediately contact the authoritative person of the store or the building and inform him/her about what had happened. Take pictures of the location of your fall and show how and the reasons for you slipping and falling down. It can be the wet floor, some broken pavement or some other fault. Also make sure that you take pictures of the injury which you have sustained during that slip and fall.

  • Get Medical Attention

After your accident, if you are in need of urgent medical attention then ask the authoritative person or the store manager to call 911 for you. If you have back injury, head injury, broken bones, etc. get yourself properly checked by the physician for your own safety and health care. Also get a report or document from the physician about the injuries which you have sustained and the severity of it as well.

  • File a Slip and Fall Claim

Next thing you need to do is file a slip and fall claim with your insurance company. The claim is not do-it-yourself kind of claim, you need to hire a professional i.e. an attorney. If you had the accident in a store then the store will also fight you for it as their reputation is on the line here, so you need a professional on your side for that. So, for you to win, you need all the professional help for that which you require.

  • Be Prepared

Before meeting your attorney, you need to have all the documents regarding the accident ready, such as, medical report, accident photographs, and how many days of work you missed due to the accident and all the required information. Keep in mind that this information can help you build your case against the store or building.

This is the legal way to file for a slip and fall claim. But for you file this claim, you need to have an insurance with an insurance company for that.