What Is The Most Effective Chiropractic Technique?

Rohan Mathew

If you are about to have your first session with a chiropractor, you may want to know some common chiropractic techniques beforehand. This will help you feel comfortable during the session. 

A chiropractor mainly focuses on treating the neuromuscular disorders involving muscular pain in your body. Many people are not aware of the kinds of treatment programs a chiropractor applies and when each type is used. However, the following techniques are most commonly used in top chiropractic treatments in Columbia as they are very effective:


If you have lumbar-spine conditions, such as sciatica, lower back pain, and disc injuries, the chiropractors may use the flexion-distraction technique on you. 

This technique will fix your herniations or disc bulges and increase your overall spinal motion. The chiropractor will use a special table to make it easy to manipulate your spine’s position using flexion distraction. The chiropractor will remove pressure from your disk by using manual techniques along with the table’s motion.

The motion will also keep your spinal discs fully functional and healthy by making it easy for the vital nutrients to get into them. This technique will reduce the pressure on your spinal nerves that cause you discomfort or pain. The most important benefit of the flexion-distraction technique is that it will not cause you any pain. 

Gonstead Technique

If your spine needs to be realigned, the chiropractor may use an adjustment method known as the Gonstead technique. This technique is one of the most effective and precise methods through which the chiropractor can promote your spine’s optimal alignment and relieve your pain.  

It is a hands-on technique that the chiropractor uses to adjust the pelvis or lower back. This technique is used while you lie on your side. This position will help your chiropractor realign the joints that might be limiting your overall mobility and causing you stiffness and pain. Since the Gonstead technique is taught in almost all chiropractor education courses, its usage is common among chiropractors. 

Activator Method

Chiropractors can use the Activator Method to alleviate your neck and back pain. It can also relieve the pain in areas outside your spine, in the extremities. The chiropractor has to use an activator adjusting instrument to use this method. This instrument helps the chiropractors pinpoint the affected areas with a low-force, short pulse. Usually, the body tenses up during manual manipulation techniques. However, the speed of this technique will prevent this from happening. 

The other significant advantage of this method is that since the chiropractor applies the pulse to a certain localized area, your joints will not bend in a compromised position. 

Extremity Manipulation

The chiropractor may use this technique to manipulate the joints outside your spine. For instance, extremity manipulation may be needed to physically manipulate your ankle joints, shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, wrist. 

Even though chiropractors can use this technique for numerous conditions, it is commonly used to treat posture-related issues or carpal tunnel. This method uses the idea that if the joints outside of your spine are aligned and mobility is promoted, your spine will be less stressed. Depending on your joints’ condition and your sensitivity, this method could cause you some discomfort.

Spinal Manipulation/Mobilization

Spinal manipulation aims to improve and restore the joint function in your spinal column.

Spinal mobilization uses stretching and gentle thrusting motions to activate and improve the mobility of the joints. As compared to other forceful thrusting techniques, this method involves gentle manipulation. 

The Drop Technique

To use the Drop technique or the Thompson technique, the chiropractor needs a unique table that drops by tiny increments as they adjust the patient’s extremities or spine by applying pressure in a thrusting motion.

This subtle drop will feel like vibration to you. It will reduce the likelihood of you experiencing any discomfort and pain during the adjustment. For a full spinal manipulation, you may require multiple thrusts. To use this method, the chiropractor may have to analyze your leg’s length and how it correlates to your spine and pelvis. 

Overall Benefits Of Chiropractic Techniques

These chiropractic techniques will reduce your discomfort and pain and promote your overall wellness by enhancing joint function and mobility.