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Moving is always stressful, which is especially well known to those who do not have their own real estate, and therefore have to rent a house and change it from time to time. Packing and transporting all your possessions is a herculean task, and often the wrong preparation turns the move into a real nightmare. What mistakes are made most often? Below are answers and tips on how to avoid such mistakes.

Picking non-reliable mover

Check moving company reviews and ask for a Moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. You may also print a moving checklist and follow it.

Incorrect packing of things

One of the most important points when moving, which many people for some reason underestimate, is effective and correct packaging. Usually we postpone and postpone the packaging process and, as a result, in the last few days we shove everything as and where it is-books with dishes, toys with bed linen, clothes with cosmetics-just to fit and tamp down. However, if you approach the matter seriously and consciously, then-when the perfect moment comes to unpack things in a new place-you will say thank you to yourself. Here are some recommendations:

  • Don’t count on your memory, just sign the boxes. When everything in the new apartment is literally filled with bags, boxes and bags, you can easily find the ones that need to be unpacked first.
  • Remember the principle of Marie Kondo? It is necessary to restore order not by rooms, but by categories of things: first only in books, then in clothes, then in documents. When packing, follow the same principle, and it will not fail here. Divide things by classification and pack similar with similar. This will save you from having to gut different boxes to get the things that are most important to you. For example, an adapter that lies in one of the three boxes along with the rest of the contents of the mezzanine, and not in a separate box with other wires.
  • Do not rush, do not hack, pack your things carefully. This will help save space in the boxes and keep things in a normal state.


If the move is planned (and the landlord did not ask you to move out in three days), start preparing for it in a few weeks or even months. First, pack things that you won’t need before moving (for example, summer clothes if you’re moving in the spring). Believe me, all this will save your nerves and time, since by moving day  you will have to collect only a small part.

The lack of basic necessities at hand

Keep what you use on a daily basis separate. The “basic necessities” category includes toiletries, blankets, pillows, medicines, and charging phones, laptops, and tablets. Also, think about the first days after moving and separately set aside those things that you will need during this time.

Inability to part with unnecessary things

This is the main problem of most people moving. Think about it, but is it really so necessary to drag everything that has accumulated over the years into a new house? Are you sure you need a five-year subscription to yellowed glossy magazines? And the dryer with the broken bars, which you were going to weld at your leisure, but, of course, you will never weld? Does she have a place in your new home? Stick to the golden rule: if you doubt the need for things — feel free to throw it away (here, by the way, the recommendations of the Condo will also be very useful — she believes that any thing in the house should bring joy, and if it does not, then it means that it is not very necessary).

If the hand does not rise to throw away, you can re-use things for good. Clothes can be handed over to an orphanage or a second-hand store, books can be sent to a library, and special recycling organizations will help you get rid of old computers, TVs, electronics, and cell phones without harming the environment (you can find addresses for recycling old equipment). And you can also arrange a sale of things online where everything is usually sold-from apartments to buttons, or offer others what you do not need, for free on specialized sites. And maybe your old thing will live a new happy life.