What The Enlistment Process For The US Air Force Actually Looks Like

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What the Enlistment Process for the US Air Force Actually Looks Like

It’s time to take to the skies. 1.3 million Americans are active-duty personnel. Roughly one-quarter of these Americans serve in the US Air Force. 

If you want an exciting and important job, you should consider joining the Air Force. But you can’t just sign a sheet of paper and start flying jets. You need to know about the enlistment process. 

What are the tests you must take so you can join the military? What is the physical examination like? How do you work with a recruiter to find a job? 

Answer these questions and you can start your great career in the military. Here is your quick guide.  

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You should first find a recruiter. There are offices all over the United States, including in every major metropolitan area. Some are specific to the Air Force, while others let you see different military services. 

When you meet with a recruiter, they will do a pre-screening. As long as you have no disqualifying factors, you can go on to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). 

At the station, you will have a series of evaluations. You will need to take a drug test and a full medical exam, which includes a strength test. You will also need to meet with a job counselor and talk to other professionals. 

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is another test you will take. It contains nine separate subtests, each of which will assess your various skills. It determines your readiness for the military and what jobs you have skills for. 

Medical Examination 

The Air Force has many medical standards for enlistment. If you have bad sight or weak strength, the Air Force may reject you regardless of your ASVAB performance. 

You may receive a temporary disqualification. This means that you cannot join immediately, but you can in a few months or years. This gives you time to build strength, gain weight, and develop physical skills. 

But the Air Force can waive your medical disqualification in any case. They may relegate you to non-combat jobs, but you can serve. 

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Security Clearance

The majority of jobs require a security clearance, including piloting fighter jets. At a minimum, you need a favorable background check. But you may need documentation that you can handle important information. 

Once your security clearance is approved, you can work with a recruiter on a job. You may not be allowed to select particular jobs. You can sign up for categories of jobs, including working with freedom fighters on the ground. 

It will take some time to receive approval for your security clearance. In the meantime, talk to other recruits and buy some Air Force merchandise. If you come across a website you like, check it out!

The Basics of the Air Force Enlistment Process

The enlistment process for the Air Force is complicated. You should go to a recruitment office and talk to an employee there. 

You then must report to a MEPS. In order to be considered for a position, you must take many different tests, including the ASVAB. 

Your medical examination will test all of your physical attributes. You may be able to get your results waived, so don’t get discouraged. You then need to get a security clearance before you can find a job. 

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