What is Textsheet? Top 6 Alternatives Of TextSheet.com

Textsheet Was Website

If you are a student and have ever used websites for the help in your studies, homework, or assignments then you must have come across a website Textsheet.com

Textsheet.com was one of the most favorite website of students. It was used by students for their homework and projects. It is no longer in service because of DMCA notices from Chegg.


What is Texsheet.com?

Texsheet.com was a website that was used by many students, it assisted them to find answers to their questions.

The shutdown of the textsheet made many students dishearten.

You must be wondering what happened to the text sheet, why was it taken off?

Don’t Worry In this article, I will tell you About its alternatives.

What Is Textsheet
What Is Textsheet

Why is Texsheet not Working?

Chegg sent a DMCA notice due to copyright issues.

Because of DMCA copyright rules text sheet had to stop its service and so is Textsheet down.

Textsheet.com gave solutions to students using API technology it gave answers by utilizing Chegg API.

Chegg is also an alternative that provides online practice papers.

Students recorded the URL of Chegg API whenever they searched for answers.

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Textsheet Not Working
Textsheet Not Working

 List Of TextSheet Alternatives

  1. Slader

  2. Course Hero

  3. Studylib

  4. Chegg

  5. SparkNotes

  6. PaperHelp

  7. Coursera

  8. Quizlet

Let’s have a look at some sites like textsheet :

Top 8 Textsheet Alternatives 2020:

  • Slader

US students are more familiar to Slader as this website is much popular there. It is the first website on my list of alternatives or texsheet replacement.

In Slader, you will find a solution step-by-step making it easy for students. It shows solutions with many clarifications. Slader gives answers from thousands of textbooks of different subjects.

It will give you answers by simply scanning the barcode of your textbook or you can also type the title of your textbook. After this, you will get relevant answers to your problems.

Slader is completely free but has ads in it. If you wish to use it ad-free then you can subscribe at $1.99.

Slader Alternative of Textsheet
Slader Alternative of Textsheet
  • Course Hero

The course hero is one of the most suited text sheet alternative to textsheet. It says to have more than 25 million study material.

Here you can easily find answers to your questions by just typing the name of your school, subject, you also have filters for course, explanations and questions.

You can easily download the course or document you need, but you must make sure that you are signed in to the website.

course hero alternative of Textsheet
Course Hero Alternative of Textsheet
  • Studylib

This also a very good textsheet alternative. Studylib.net not only enables you free downloading and storing the documents but you can also share them with your friends easily.

This site covers everything of mostly all subjects. Not only this, but it also has a special feature of an alternative homepage where you will find trending documents to make your search easy.

Once you sign up to Studylib you can add documents and even papers to your account easily.

This site gives completely free access to the complete site.  You can consider this as a new textsheet.

Studylib Alternatives of Textsheet
Studylib Alternatives of Textsheet
  • Chegg

As you know by now that textsheet Chegg is websites of the same platform.

Chegg is one of the oldest websites, nearly 20 years old. It is been helping students since then.

In Chegg, you can not only find solutions to your enormous questions, but you also have an option to talk to experts, who help you in your homework and assignments also.

You can download this app from the play store or apple store. You get a free trial for 30 minutes after which you can take the membership of $14.95 per month. You also have the option of video calling which will cost you $30 per month.

Chegg Alternatives of Textsheet
Chegg Alternatives of Textsheet
  • PaperHelp

Paperhelp is been helping students since 2008. It is another very good alternative to textsheet.

It has been more comfortable with those students who are always in need of studying and solving papers.

This site is for any and every student no matter which student you are.

It will also help you write research papers no matter you are a high school student or doing a Ph.D.

You can also order the research papers of yours in hard copy at your place. It will charge you per paper from $10 to $24.

PaperHelp Alternatives of Textsheet
PaperHelp Alternatives of Textsheet
  • SparkNotes

This website provides you with lesson notes for the school subject and many courses also.

Sparknotes was established in 1999 and then taken over by Barnes and Noble in 2001.

You can also buy textbooks and test papers from here. SAT students use this website for a standardized test.

You can download this app on your smartphones. It has vast rages of Subjects in it.

Sparknotes Alternatives of Textsheet
Sparknotes Alternatives of Textsheet
  • Coursera

Coursera is a great textsheet alternative for study and also research papers.

Two science professors in 2012 made this website so that anyone from anywhere could get the best education in one place.

This website as more than even 40 to 42 million learners, yes active members. This website offers you more than 3600 courses.

It also gives you online degrees to more than 14 courses. Coursera can be downloaded from the play store and apple store.

This website is made user friendly so that you can find what you need very easily. You can be a member of Coursera buy just paying $39 per month.

Coursera Alternatives Of Text sheet
Coursera Alternatives Of Textsheet
  • Quizlet

The active students for this textsheet alternative site are more than 50 million in 130 countries and it has over 300 million study material for assignments and many subjects.

The special feature given by Quizlet is that you can record importance that will help you more in your learning experience.

Quizlet has flashcards on its website for people who are comfortable in learning via flashcards.

You have Quizlet GO and Quizlet Plus to subscribe. Quizlet Go subscriptions are for $11.99 and Quizlet Plus for $23.88.

Quizlet Alternatives of Textsheet
Quizlet Alternatives of Textsheet

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What is textsheet?

Textsheet was an educational website that helped students with solutions for their homework, projects, and assignments.


How does textsheet works?

It Was worked by a technology known as API. You had to type your question in the search bar and then using API technology it gathers all information related to your question and then give you the solution.


How to use textsheet?

You can find solutions to your questions by searching for your questions on the alternative websites, as text sheet is not in service anymore.


What happened to textsheet?

Textsheet.com’s service was shut down due to copyright issues. The API technology used by it gave the solutions to students from Chegg API.


Why isn’t textsheet working?

Textsheet.com is not working because it is been shut down due to the DMCA notice sent by Chegg. The URL of text sheet answers were of Chegg API. So Chegg sent then the DMCA copyright notice due to which they had to go off forever.


What replaced textsheet?

There are many sites that are alternatives to some of them are Slader, Course Hero, Studylib, Chegg, PaperHelp, SparkNotes. You can use any of these sites.



  • It was a website that used API to give solutions for students who used the website for their homework and assignments.
  • It is not working because it is shut down due to its violation of copyright. Its API used Chegg API to give solutions, due to which Chegg sent a DMCA notice to then.
  • There are many alternatives which I have mentioned and described above that will help you in your studies.
  • Sladder and Studylib are good websites that I would suggest to you. But if you need an expert’s help then I would recommend Chegg for you.
  • I hope the information provided by me in this article will help you find the best alternative to textsheet for you. All the best for your studies.

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