What Are Moon Lamps Made Of?

Rohan Mathew

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Basking in the charming light of your moon lamp, you may wonder what exactly makes the lamp the same as the moon. What makes it so unique?

Moon Lamp; Another Term For Perfection

When you buy 3d moon lamp online, you buy nothing less than a piece of art. These lamps are crafted with great care and patience to give you a look and feel of the real moon. While designing, the latest satellite images by NASA are used. Once the experts find the designs satisfactory, the printing process starts. This process is time-taking and involves cutting-edge 3d printers. You may be surprised to know that it takes 26 long hours to get 3d printing done on one lamp.

Materials used

Using the latest 3d technology, the moon lamps are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic PLA material that does not harm the environment.

Though moon lamps are made to give you the moon-like feel, features may vary from one lamp to another. Let’s take a look at some popular lamps and figure out what they are made of.

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VGAzer Moon Lamp 3D Printing Magnetic Levitating Moon Light Lamps

This particular moon lamp can hover in the air. The lamp creates an electromagnetic field around it that makes it float in mid-air. Using the Hi-Res scan of the moon, the moon’s texture is printed with advanced PLA technology. These lamps are light, weighing only 2.2 pounds. The light that it emits is a soft white one that is perfect to create magic in your room without hurting your eyes.

Gahaya Seamless Moon Lamp

Gahaya moon lamps give you two color options: the first one is a cool white color at 6000k while the other emits a warm white light at 3000k. The LED bulb used in the lamp consumes power as less than 1Watt. The lamp has a perfect texture of the moon with the help of 3d technology and the PLA material. The in-built lithium polymer battery that comes with the lamp has a capacity of 1000mAh that keeps the lamp glowing for many hours. The switch is highly touch-sensitive, making the lamp turn on with a single touch of your hand. This lamp is made of polylactic acid that is safe to use.

logrotate 16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Light with Stand & Remote

This moon lamp comes in 16 different colors and remote control for seamless operation. Like other moon lamps, you can also turn it on with the touch of your hand. The fun part is that the lamp can be operated from a distance of 30 feet via the remote control. As the capacity of the battery is 500mAh, it can run for 6 hours at a stretch. But, with the lowest brightness, it may run for a maximum of 12 hours. Like most of the lamps, it is made of non-toxic PLA material with an in-built polymer lithium battery.

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Mydethun Moon Lamp MoonLight Night Light

What makes this lamp stand out in the crowd is its hand-shaped stand that holds the moon. Only two colors are available in this lamp: bright light and warm yellow. The sensors used are so powerful that you only need to point the finger at the lamp to turn it on. Once the built-in batteries are fully charged, the lamp can run for around eight hours. But, if you dim the light, it may run for a few more hours. The lampstand is made of wooden material, making the lamp durable and robust.

Now, you have a fair idea of how the moon lamps are made and what goes inside them. So, next time you Buy Forever my Love Moon lamp Online, remember that you’re not only investing in an art décor but also contributing towards the latest LPA and 3d printing technology.