What to Do for Thinning Hair on Top of Head?

Rohan Mathew

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There are more people who wear wigs than you think. Reasons why a wig is needed range from a slight lack of hair to more severe alopecia or medical treatment, such as chemotherapy. Of course, they can also be used to temporarily change your style.

Hair is very important in terms of sociological implications. Having beautiful hair makes people more confident, more sociable, and better in general. A natural hair wig is a great alternative to “bad hair” whether or not you have alopecia.

Wigs are a necessary solution for people who for one reason or another suffer from alopecia; but they are also an ideal complement for those who want to change their style frequently or try a new hairstyle. 

Human hair wigs are more durable and less noticeable than synthetic wigs, but they also cost more.

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When buying a wig, you should take into account, among other things, the type of hair it is made of, its support systems and its weight. I recommend that you make your purchases on the Uniwigs website, specialized in the sale of wigs and best hair extensions.

Buying Guide: what you should know about human hair wigs

Although some people spend a lot of time educating themselves before purchasing a wig, sometimes the need for one arises suddenly, for example with illness. Whatever your situation, you may have a lot of doubts about purchasing such an item. In this section we will try to solve the most common ones.

How to put on a natural hair wig?

As we have already told you, there are many reasons why a person may decide to wear a wig, whether permanent, temporary or sporadic. They can also be a great fun addition, but especially the first few times their placement can be tricky. The steps below will help you get it right the first time.

The first thing to do is to make your hair tight, either wrapping it around your head or braiding it at the roots to hide the volume.

It is also important to clean your skin well in the natural hairline area so that the wig can adhere well. One way to do this is to use gauze soaked in alcohol.

One tip to make it as natural as possible is to hold it on the back of your head and gently shake it down. This will make it more flexible and more mobile.

Place the edge of the wig – the outline of the mesh – making it coincide with your natural hairline.

A good reference to know that the wig is in the right place are the sideburns. Make sure they are in the correct position and that both are at the same height.

Comb the wig with your fingers, so that it looks even looser.

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Is a natural or synthetic wig better?

Natural hair wigs of different qualities are available in the market, as well as synthetic fiber wigs. In our opinion, natural wigs provide a more natural look, which is worth the redundancy; but synthetic wigs have improved a lot in recent years and today there are options that could easily be mistaken for a “real” mane. This is the case of the products you will find on Uniwigs, definitely one of the best wig websites.

How are human hair wigs made?

Hair is collected in different ways and from different parts of the world, and the process of making natural wigs is complex. It is essential to adhere to different and very precise quality standards at each stage of production: in obtaining the raw material, in the treatment of the hair and in the manufacture of the wig itself.

A good raw material is essential and consists of healthy, strong hair that has never been chemically treated – by dyeing, bleaching or perming. This hair should be carefully bleached and dyed. The model is then made taking into account the desired cap, hair density and hairstyle. Of course, you can also opt for a colored lace front wig!

How to take care of your wigs?

Caring for a natural hair wig is essential if you want it to last as long as possible, because the investment required to purchase it is not minimal. Synthetic wigs require less maintenance, but they don’t look as natural and they don’t give as much freedom when it comes to styling them. 

The first few times, at least, it is recommended to wash it in a specialized center. Once you are more familiar with this product, you can also make it at home with special products for it.

Every time you wash it, use a suitable shampoo and apply a special moisturizing mask for natural wigs. Do not use it when it is wet, as moisture can deteriorate it. Since they are made from natural hair, you can dry them either in the open air or with a hairdryer, the choice is yours.

When you’re not wearing it, keep it on a cork head so it doesn’t lose its shape. Wear a hat to protect it from the sun if you don’t want it to change color over time.

Comb your hair as you normally would, but avoid using hairspray.

How long does a natural hair wig last on average?

The wig, like any other object, is subject to wear, especially if it is used daily; therefore, it is not possible to answer univocally to a question regarding its duration in time.

The optimal maintenance of a wig over time depends mainly on its quality and, secondly, on the type of use made of it. There are many factors that determine the wear of a wig: for example, wearing it at night or in particular contexts such as the gym and swimming pool can visibly damage it.

Bad maintenance and exposure to heat sources also shorten the life of a wig, especially if it is a synthetic fiber model. Hair dryers and straighteners are therefore banned and you must also pay close attention to daily gestures; it is good to avoid standing too close to the oven opening with your face and also avoid coming into contact with the steam from the dishwasher and, in general, the kitchen.

A good trick to keep it longer over time is to pay attention to rubbing with fabrics (scarves, coats, headrests) and, of course, the pillow. Where possible and in situations where you feel comfortable (at home, sleeping, etc.) try to wear turbans, hats and bandanas, it will be a great help to keep your wig beautiful for longer over time.