What To Do If Your Trip Is Interrupted

Rohan Mathew

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It is always such a trip to go on holiday! Just think about all the good food you’ll get to try and the postcard-esque sights you’ll get to witness. But a well-planned trip does not only mean listing your itinerary beforehand. It also means that you are ready in case the occurrence of a fortuitous event. International travel insurance is the best way to prepare for a fun and safe trip. Here’s a list of what you can do in case your trip gets interrupted.

Delayed Flight

Delayed flights are among the most common reasons for travel interruption. Thanks to bad inclement weather, or a technical malfunction, late, ill or disorderly passengers, or even labour strikes and lockdowns can also cause a delay to your flight. A delayed flight is not an excellent way to start your trip. But thanks to travel insurance, its policy allows you to collect a sum if ever you experience inconvenience due to delayed flights.

Missed Connection

If you’re coming from the other end of the world, chances are you would have to take a connecting flight. Usually, a trip which has a connecting flight is also such a hassle as you would even have to wait for hours in some cases. Running late, however, can cause you some trouble. A missed connection flight is not only inconvenient and can also be expensive. But don’t worry, because your trip can still be saved thanks to your travel insurance. Most travel insurance policies shoulder the necessary additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred during your trip.

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Cancelled Flights

About a thousand flights were cancelled the past couple months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No one wants to have their planned trips cancelled, especially if you’ve been planning it for months already. Factors beyond anyone’s control usually cause cancelled flights. So to ensure safety, best to just stay put until everything is back to normal. You may also collect from your Covid travel insurance.

Sickness or diseases before the trip

It is no one’s fault if you or your travel buddy falls ill before a trip. However, you may want to postpone your trip in case of sickness. Travel insurance plans also cover illness or injuries before a trip.

Sickness or injury during the trip

Like health problems before going on a holiday, getting sick or caught in an accident while in transit or during your trip is more common than you think. If you get sick in the middle of a trip, you may have to cut your trip short as you may need medical attention locally. In some severe cases, you may also be repatriated. Travel insurance can cover your medical needs and assistance in case you need to go home right away.

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Lost or delayed luggage

Don’t you just hate it when your luggage, personal belongings and valuables get misplaced during a trip? A lost or delayed luggage is one of the most common reasons for a disrupted flight. Although in most cases, these belongings do turn up after 48 hours, it interrupted your supposedly perfect trip. Travel insurance policies cover lost, delayed and damaged luggage caused by accidents or even theft.

Unforeseen changes

There may be unforeseen changes that can disrupt your trip, such as personal or business circumstances. In case an emergency occurred such as a relative falling ill or a business concern that you need to attend to immediately, the travel insurance policy covers unforeseen changes which may include cancellation.