Establish a USP for your business and use it to inform your marketing

Rohan Mathew

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Businesses that understand what they are doing better or doing differently to the competition have perfected their USP. In a busy market, being able to explain clearly what your unique selling point is and the benefits it can offer, is essential. A solid and well thought out USP makes it easier to keep your marketing on track. It informs the messages you send out to clients, the way your branding is framed and the type of content you include on social media or your website. Fundamentally, the USP you formulate must unambiguously show why you are different to other providers.

A USP plays to your strengths

Simply stating that your company is unique is rarely enough to gain the interest of consumers, instead, a USP needs to emphasize a strength you have that people will care about. This gives your product or service value in the eyes of the customer and makes your company memorable. Once you have a USP, the concept becomes far more than a slogan or title on your newsletter, it’s built into your brand and each interaction your customers have with it.

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Developing your USP

Start by thinking about who your customers are, what they want and what they find meaningful. Identify how you can make their life better or at least solve a problem for them. Think about why they buy certain products and what causes them to make that buying decision. Persuading people to buy will be tough if you’re not sure of exactly who they are. Once you’ve worked that out, consider how your message can be reaffirmed in the different segments of your company. From your web design to a user-friendly helpdesk and plenty of product details, highlighting a well-defined USP will help you gain traction when it comes to convincing an audience. Bear in mind that special offers and generous delivery policies are not USP-worthy. They may be attractive to customers, but are universally available and easily replicated by other businesses.

Invest in your USP with great marketing

Defending a USP is challenging for any size of business. Almost as soon as your great idea is public knowledge, competitors will rise up to equal or match your offering. The only way to avoid being outclassed is to have your marketing reflect your USP clearly and use this to create a consistent message which reassures potential clients. An experienced executive consultant such as Patrick James Trico can help you formulate the right USP for your business and then use it to streamline your advertising output. James has an MBA in marketing and has helped many leading businesses to achieve their full potential. 

Highlight the benefits of your product or service

By investing time and energy in creating a great USP, you make it easy for an audience to see what they have to gain when buying from you. Whether your products are handmade using recycled goods or you have a 24-hour phone line, each marketing drop can reflect that. This reinforcement encourages people to buy from you when they shop, rather than first looking around for a cheaper alternative.

Give customers a precise reason to choose your business

A USP gives your customers a specific reason for choosing your business above another. Therefore, when it is incorporated into adverts and promotions, it works to increase revenue and bolster your market position. By making people feel like they are getting a product or service that is not available elsewhere, you keep them coming back and spending their money with you. Excellent service, backed up by marketing consistency, will always resonate with existing and potential clients.

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Building customer loyalty

Arguably, it is easier to attract new customers than to retain old ones. The key to doing so is to keep them satisfied and wanting more. Knowing how customers want to see you and what they want from you means you are less likely to let them down. A confident and affirmative USP tells them where they stand and provides a level of reassurance that your business takes their concerns to heart. In turn, this confidence in a brand leads to a feeling of familiarity and loyalty. Once people like what you have to offer, use social media to start conversations between your company and the client, rather than using your marketing message as a monologue. Positive engagements elicit an emotional response that can convince a customer to stay loyal.

Enhance your marketing campaigns

Basic sales techniques can have moderate success, but they make it awkward to emphasize your strengths. By having a good USP, you can simplify your approach by only telling people what they need to know and leaving out any superfluous details. Using the USP as inspiration, the content you provide remains profound, but it can also be customized for your client base.