Where to Find Electronics News

Rohan Mathew

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Are you a big techie? Perhaps you’ve recently purchased one of the latest iPhone 12s or the Google Pixel? If you love tech that much you’re probably also looking for somewhere to find the latest electronics news that can quench your appetite.

Thankfully there are loads of sites out there that can offer the latest electronics news for you to enjoy.

But which one should you check out and which sites are accurate and which ones are best taken with a pinch of salt?

Here’s everything you need to know about electronics news.

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Front Page Tech (FPT)

Front Page Tech (FPT) is a news site and YouTube channel run by Jon Proser. Known for his informal delivery, he also regularly leaks information about upcoming Apple devices.

He uses a team of leakers from inside Apple who gives him insider information about what Apple is working on as well as diagrams and photos to back it up.

But his site is not just about Apple, it’s about the latest technology news in electronics and communication in general.

His most recent update predicted that in 2021 Apple will ditch all of their ports for the iPhone. This is to enable to them push forward with wireless charging through Magsafe wireless charging.


Another great site for Apple lovers is 9to5Mac. This covers just Apple news and offers reviews and updates on all things iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The website offers a host of services that can be of use to the average user. There is a multitude of content in a variety of formats from video to audio to news articles that is updated daily.

There’s also a cashback service on their site as well as a list of places you can take your computer or phone to get it fixed.

Another great feature of the site is the offers: 9to5Mac tells you the cheapest place to buy the latest tech and who is offering the best discount.

Some of their latest stories include reviews of the latest Macbooks with the new M1 chip, the first chip in an Apple computer not made by a third party and potential updates to the touch bar on the Macbook Pro which they report will soon include force touch.

A site like 9to5Mac does do sponsorships and ads so this might be the place to grow your supplement brand as there will be a crossover between people who want to use tech to help them improve their lives and those who see supplements as being part of this healthy lifestyle too.

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The Guardian Tech Pages

If you’re after a more mainstream alternative for the latest news in electronics and communication then consider The Guardian’s tech pages.

The Guardian is one of the few mainstream newspapers which is not behind a paywall and still allows users to browse and read for free without a subscription.

The Guardian’s tech pages offer a range of content. From classic reviews of all the latest products, there’s also opinion columns and expert advice from their own team of respected reporters.

Politics and Tech

What’s different about The Guardian’s tech pages is that they offer a perspective on the political nature of the tech world as well as just the positive side.

The Guardian’s biggest tech story of recent times was the revelations of former National Security Agency (NSA) worker Edward Snowden.

His evidence that the government had been using mass survivance techniques sparked an international debate about the power of governments and the complicity of big tech to maintain these programs.

Other stories they run include long reads about the future of society and how bitcoin and the blockchain look set to change the world, for better or for worse.

How-to Geek

Not everyone knows how to use technology to its full potential as soon as it comes out. For some people figuring stuff out on their own is a key part of the excitement of owning a new technology.

Others need a little help along the way and want to know that they are using their machines to the best of their abilities. This is where how-to geek steps in. Their stories include ‘What is Google Pay and what can you do with it?’ and an explanation of how to hide the menu bar on the recently released Mac OS BigSur.

They have sections on Windows machines as well as Apple devices and also on smart home devices.

The smart home is the future of all our homes, especially since we are all now working from home.

What’s great about How-to Geek is that it recognizes this and allows us to compare smart home tech side-by-side. It tells us what a smart speaker is the best solution for what you want to do. The site has 3 clear sidebars within the smart home section of comparisons, explainers, and smart speaker reviews.

Electronics News: So Many Choices

We no longer live in a world where the only way to get tech news is from the mainstream media which has traditionally not done a great job at understanding the consumers’ needs or building excitement based around a brand.

Instead thanks to the internet, we can choose between a host of indy outlets that can enlighten you with exactly the opinion or review you need when purchasing a device.

If you are interested in reading more about electronics news be sure to check out the rest of our site.