Key Benefits to Traffic Control Person/Flagger Training.

Rohan Mathew

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Proper traffic control is crucial for the safety of workers and the driving public. All flag persons or traffic control persons (TCP) are required to complete an approved traffic control certificate Ontario course before they can start working in this field. This training prepares the operator to perform traffic control safely and competently that complies with industry and legislative standards.

If you’re looking for traffic control services, you must work with a company that employs both professional and certified flaggers. Aforesaid, the use of flaggers with proper certifications can not only put you and your workers at risk, but it can also greatly impact every day road users, resulting in serious injury or damages.

Interaction between contractors and the general public is mostly unavoidable in construction projects, and this develops risks that must be managed effectively. Closing roads is a usual solution when traffic interferes with the project, but when this is not possible; contractors must rely on traffic control persons also known as flag persons, flaggers, or signallers.

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According to the occupational health and safety authorities, the roles of a traffic control person are the following:

  • Assisting traffic safely through construction sites by stopping, slowing, or directing vehicles.
  • Regulating traffic as required to protect workers.
  • Providing clear directions and signals, so drivers understand exactly what to do.
  • Managing traffic without causing further congestion or delay than needed.

In most Canadian provinces and territories, training is lawfully required for traffic control persons, and each jurisdiction has its laws. The traffic control training course fulfills the Ontario Traffic Manual, conditions, and OSHA Safety Standards. The program is also recognized by the International Competency Assessment Board and is listed as a Competency Development resource for participants who are subject to an I-CAB assessment.

Traffic control has 4 key purposes in construction projects:

  • Protecting construction workers and the general public.
  • Stopping vehicles as required to protect workers, but allowing movement at reduced speed to circumvent congestion and delays.
  • Granting project activities to proceed efficiently, while conserving safety.
  • Giving chauffeurs priority over construction equipment.

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Here’s why you should always recruit professional flaggers:

Safety – This is by far the most important reason you should always work with professional flaggers. Flaggers who are well trained can quickly read and respond to circumstances and constantly have safety protocols in the forefront of their mind. When a flagger is rightly trained on safety equipment, guidelines, communication, and signals, the roads are made safer for everyone.

Compliance – When you work with an organization that offers certified flaggers, you are making sure that your flagging operations meet local and federal compliance guidelines. Traffic control flaggers should be re-certified every three years and have their training certification card available at all times when on the job. These are all flagging compliance measures, in addition to many more; you can ensure will be met when you work with a qualified team.

Smooth Traffic Management – when you work with licensed flaggers, you’re more likely to keep traffic flowing and moving as smoothly as possible. Professional and experienced flaggers learn the best strategies to keep cars moving, considering the requirements of both workers and drivers so that there is never lapse inefficiency.

Quality Communication & Service – Expert flaggers know how important it is to get the job done on time, and they take that responsibility very seriously; punctuality and politeness to both workers and drivers is something to expect when working with a certified team. Plus, when you partner with a company that offers quality flagging services, you can also expect open communication, complete organization, 24/7 service, and transparency.