Why are dating apps useful?

Rohan Mathew

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Dating apps are not just about finding your soul mate. This is an opportunity to find friends and business partners, to participate in interesting events. And for owners of dating apps, it’s also a chance to make money.

Some statistics to support this 7.4% of users worldwide use mobile apps and dating sites. In 2017, online dating revenue will hit $ 1.4 billion, and the number will continue to grow. Like the audience of dating apps and portals – by 2021, the user engagement rate will reach 8.3%.

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How to design a dating app main tips are:

Safety first

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dating apps in stores. But only a few are gaining popularity and making it to the top. To create a successful application, you need to understand what the audience wants and what they fear.

Friendly interface

Another user expectation is a simple and straightforward interface. Tinder immediately comes to mind – one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Tinder has a user-friendly interface: flexible profile settings, large photos. There is no need to register in the application, Tinder automatically takes all data (photo, hobby, profession) from Facebook. The user only needs to set the criteria for finding a partner and swipe left and right to show sympathy or antipathy for the applicant.

Users spend quite a lot of time in dating apps – 90 minutes a day. This means online dating has good monetization potential.

A set of required functions

Every dating service should have a set of basic functionalities that make it a representative of this category of services. Additional features are used to implement individual idea.

So, the main required functions should include:

User registration

This can be done via FaceBook or any other social network. Remember to take care of security measures, as this is one of the most serious problems these days. Personal data of the users must be in the center of attention and completely protected.

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The user profile consists of all the important information about the users. Information can be collected based on data from an integrated social network, taken from questionnaires, or simply provided by the user in any format. Naturally, it should be possible to edit and delete the profile.


This function of ios app development services usually has two parts. You should provide the user with the ability to choose the most convenient configurations for using your application. And don’t forget about the settings provided for finding other users. The matches for every user must be found up to his expectations.

Chat room

This feature can be implemented in a variety of ways. Chats can be of many formats. They can be for groups or just for two people. It’s flexible option. For many users the most attractive is the ability to communicate without any restrictions.

Search and browse

The  search for other users must be easy and without any troubles. The search can become very fast and convenient with the help of filters.


A dating app makes more sense if people can search for “halves” in their location. In theory, you can meet a person from another country or even from another continent, but in real life it seems too difficult and more like a story from a romantic movie.

Push notifications

They will provide users with promptly updated information about the presence of a suitable object in all parameters nearby or about the presence of a new message from a friend.

Admin panel

Any dating service requires management and control. A simple privacy policy and terms of use page isn’t enough to keep your app from getting caught up in a stream of blocked content. Thus, it is better to take care of the ethical and moral side of your product.