Why Are Resumes Important For Job Seekers?

Rohan Mathew

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A resume is the first part that a hiring manager will see, making it conveying and convincing. It is prepared by the job applicant himself, or they may get it paid by some professional or expert. There are also many tips and guides who help you prepare the Resume templates according to your job profile. If it’s not enough, there are also some websites that help you to get the best resume prepared.

If you get your resume prepared by an online website that you type your information, the software will help you get a correctly formatted resume. But you need to be very careful while giving the information. It must be accurate and clear to avoid any mistake or confusion. Resume templates contain all the essential details which an employer needs to know to give you the designated job.

In most cases, it is prepared by the job applicant himself, as he better knows about himself. Some specific details about the person’s character and personalities like strength, hobbies, or any experience are best known by the person himself, so it is recommended to do it personally.

It is essential to prepare an expressive resume to get the required job as it is the first thing that goes to the recruiter, defines you, or depicts all about your background and personality. Any standard or little mistake or error in your resume will put a wrong impression on the employer and destroy your image. Moreover, a little negligence will also destroy your career as you get deprived of the job, which may change your life and take you to heights of success.

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Look at the design and format of the Resume templates to give it a professional look. To make it expressive, mention the information in an organized and sequenced form. If your information is written in an unorganized form, it leaves a wrong impression on the hiring manager. Follow these tips to make it attractive and polished-

  • Add margin at both sides of the page (at least left 6 inches)
  • Make sure there is sufficient space between two lines.
  • Highlight the headings of each section
  • Use good quality paper to prepare the resume.
  • Keep your resume to one page.
  • Use a legible font style and size for the resume.
  • Mention personal information like contact number and address in the top section.

Different types of resume

Before preparing the resume, select the resume type according to your job requirement. Some people have the misconception that there is only one format to write a resume, but generally, there are four types of resume format. Each resume type has its strength and weaknesses, but one has to choose which best suits him. To understand the difference, let us discuss the types in detail-

Functional resume

This resume type focuses on the skills and abilities of a person. Generally, it is best suitable for fresher as they had little or no work experience; they try to draw the attention of the hiring manager towards their skills and achievements, which are relevant for the job. It is also preferred by the person who frequently changes their job profile or career line. Some persons who don’t work throughout the year or puts a gap in between may look for such resume types.

But it doesn’t mean not to mention your academic details or relevant courses. In addition, you also have to mention the internship experience you gained somewhere or training in any particular skill.

Chronological resume

As the name suggests, this resume type mentions the information or work experience in a chronology or sequence, but under this, we mention our work history in reverse order. It means mention your recent job position or experience at the top and others in the down list.

This resume type is suitable for a person with a lot of work experience in different locations or job profiles. It is recommended to mention the detail in a sequenced and organized format using proper numbering or bullet options.

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Combination resume

It is a combination of a chronological resume type and a functional resume; that’s why it is generally known as a hybrid resume. When we want to focus on skills and work experience history, we choose this resume type to cover both aspects.

These type of Resume templates are suitable for candidates who have extensive work experience at a different location or in different job profiles and possess several quality skills. Thus it contains full-fledged detail about your academics, work experience, as well as your skills and abilities. A recruiting manager looks for the required qualification for the job and then connect it to skills you possess to complete his search for a potential employer.

Targeted resume

This resume type is specially designed according to a specific job profile. It means it highlights the qualification, work experience, or skill, which is an essential requirement in the job. You cannot use this resume for other job profiles as it is only suitable for a specific job title. If you want to apply for another job profile, you have to prepare a separate resume type.

To prepare a targeted resume, the job applicant must have complete knowledge of the job position; generally, in the vacancy circular, the recruiter mentions the skills, abilities, or traits they are looking for in the potential candidate. After knowing this, you must highlight your resume’s skills and abilities to make it impressive and convincing. This also catches the attraction of the recruiter to read the full resume and consider your application as the hiring manager generally takes the overview from the highlights instead of reading the full resume.


This article provides you complete detail about Resumebuild, the essentials to be added to a resume, tips to prepare it, and different types of resume. A person can choose the resume type according to t their job profile and work experience. A fresher must study these points before preparing the resume as it will diminish your errors and mistakes and makes your resume expressive and convincing.