Let’s Talk About Voice Search Impact on Modern SEO

Rohan Mathew

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Smartphones have changed the way people get services or products from the digital world. Everyone loves to get things done as easily as possible and Voice search is the best answer. Modern SEO Services have eliminated the need to type texts to get information from online platforms. If you ask a professional SEO company about the importance of voice search, they will say that it will be very difficult to survive without this feature in the market. Various things that can be handled using the voice search are:

  • Dialing Numbers 
  • Searching users queries on search engines 
  • Launching Applications
  • Sending various requests 
  • Demonstration 
  • Selecting Options 
  • Perform local searches

What has changed in SEO by using Voice Search? 

Length of the Search queries 

There is a huge difference between the number of words used spoken than the text-based queries. A voice search is a form of communication that can have more than ten words in a single query. Online platforms are using natural language keywords to adapt to larger queries and engaging users.

More Question-Based Searches

Generally, the searches start from what, how, where, and when while delivering a voice command. This makes it very essential for a professional SEO agency to look at such keywords and make a strong strategy to use them more often in the content. 

Get the Intent of Users

As voice search is a question that describes the purpose of the user very clearly, so you need to recognize the queries and bring a relevant solution to them. This makes using a natural language very crucial to match the keywords with users’ search. 

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Things to optimize your platform for Voice Search

Make sure the page loading is faster

Google voice searches prefer faster loading websites to give the solution quickly. SO work on some of the things like:  

  • Website or application is mobile-friendly 
  • Images are optimized and do not affect the loading speed
  • Heavy files are compressed 
  • Perform caching to improve the loading speed 
  • The server’s response time is fast
  • Additional features to speed up the website’s response time

Adapt the way of speaking in your content

When people are searching for some answers by typing they generally make it very short and specific. In the case of voice searches, it is a conversation which means their query will have long-tail keywords and will sound more natural. Make sure to add basic keywords that are commonly used and update the content regularly to provide a better solution to the audience.

Obtain featured Snippet  

These are the most important spot in the Google SERPs as they hold position and attract more traffic towards your website. To receive this position add essential details about users’ queries and explain it in brief. Google provides the essential information in the featured snippet irrelevant to the device user is performing the voice search. 

Keep the Website Mobile Friendly

This is always an important aspect of Modern SEO services that can affect your rankings on the search engines. The majority of the voice search is performed on mobile devices which means you should put great efforts into optimizing the platform and making it Mobile-Friendly. 

Add Conversational Content 

People searching about products or services online through voice search tend to convey their message in a way they generally talk. Just for example while searching through text their search would be “Best Professional SEO Agency” but the same thing in voice search will be “Where can I get the best SEO agency?” or “What does the best professional SEO agency do?” and many such relatable questions. This indicates that you need to add long-tail keywords and contain more specific details to reach more audience. 

Importance of Local Search

Local businesses have already gained a huge benefit through voice searches. Generally while searching for services people add keywords like “near me”, “nearby”, “closest destination”, and more. So optimize your platform with the popular local searches to stand out in the market.

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The effects of voice search on SEO

It has made online business to integrate voice search technology in their marketing venture to grow in this competitive digital world. Websites generally focus on getting higher ranks in the Search Engine Result Pages reason being they want to grab more attention and gain more traffic. There is always a great challenge to keep up with the latest SEO trends with increasing competition in the market.

The SEO services can be handled effortlessly just by focusing on some important sections like:

  • Optimize the online content to get a position zero and be featured snippets in the Google search engine. 
  • Try adding FAQs in the content especially for the voice search queries that are trending in the market.
  • Track customer behavior regularly through various analytic tools, social media platforms, and more to get an idea about their expectations. This can help in optimizing the platform according to their requirements and making it user-friendly.

By reading this blog you know why it is very essential to have voice search support in your website to grow in the market. You can take advice from many SEO services present online that can save time and improve your website performance.