Why Can’t You Whip Cream With Soda Chargers, But You Can With Whipped Cream Chargers?

Rohan Mathew

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As the names of the product suggest, the soda chargers are only meant for creating the soda drink that most love. On the other hand, whipped cream chargers are solely intended for the purpose of creating whipped cream. That’s why you cannot just whip your cream through the use of soda chargers, and you cannot create soda with whipped cream chargers.

Gladly, you will learn everything regarding the mechanics of the two types of chargers for you to fully understand the fact that whipped cream can only be made through the use of the chargers. If there are no whipped cream chargers available in your area, which could be the reason why you are resorting to the soda chargers, then do not worry because there is an alternative method in creating that delicious goodness that you just love to mix on your sweets and drinks.

But for now, let us understand the somewhat complicated mechanics regarding soda and whipped cream chargers. In that way, you will realize that soda chargers are never an alternative to whipped cream chargers at all.

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How Do Soda Chargers Work?

Soda chargers can turn any liquid, including water, into the sparkly drink that we love to buy in supermarkets and in our friendly neighborhood convenience stores. Soda chargers have the capability to turn any type of drink into a carbonated one through the use of carbon dioxide, that’s stored in these chargers. 

With a press of a button from the soda charger, your drink will carbonate in no time! It guarantees that even water will become sparkly, making it more refreshing to drink. These chargers are made of stainless steel to ensure that they will never corrode and affect the drink that you are planning to carbonate. The soda chargers are very easy to use and are easy to find, sometimes easier to find than whipped cream chargers. 

Given how the soda chargers work, it does not seem that carbon dioxide is needed to keep the cream whipped. Thus, buying soda chargers for your whipped cream recipe will never yield the result that you are expecting. What’s worse is that you will end up with a can of carbonated heavy cream, which does not seem to look good when placed on top of desserts and drinks.

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How Do Whipped Cream Chargers Work?

Whipped cream chargers better known as nangs work by applying nitrous oxide into the whipped cream canister. Once the chargers are used on the canisters, the cream will be “whipped” through the use of nitrous oxide, as it serves as the gas within the canister to ensure that no oxygen will affect the whipped cream, as it can easily cause the cream to become liquid. 

The nitrous oxide contained in the whipped cream chargers is always food-grade to ensure that it won’t be harmful to anyone who consumes the whipped cream that’s packed with nitrous oxide. Unlike carbon dioxide which adds up a fizz to any liquid substance, nitrous oxide does a different task that’s specifically excellent for the purpose of whipping the cream.

What’s amazing about the whipped cream chargers is that they are very affordable. They are also very easy to find as well, which is why it should never be a hard task to buy one. You can even order them online and in bulk. That way, you will be able to get your hands into creating your very own whipped cream recipe in no time!

You got to thank science for the wonders that it can do to some food, as it gives us a whole new level of recipes to explore. But if you do not have any whipped cream chargers at home, all you have to do is just manually do it yourself. You do not need nitrous oxide to do it; just whip the cream for 3 to 4 minutes with a hand mixer, and you will be able to create your own whipped cream in no time. However, the texture of the whipped cream does not last too long if you do it this way since there is no nitrous oxide, but it still provides the same quality of whipped cream that you love.

As you can see, science has found a means to make everyday food items fun to consume. But using the whipped cream chargers the wrong way will not yield the result that you want, and the same goes for soda chargers as well. So if you ever need a whipped cream charger for that recipe that you came up with, then make sure that you only buy that product and not any other type of charger. That way, you will get things right, and without wasting your money on something that will not meet your expectations.