Why it’s important to keep your work boots clean

Rohan Mathew

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Is there anything more tedious than scrubbing your work boots before stowing them inside your locker and heading home for the night? Possibly not, but the importance of keeping work boots clean and maintained is not to be underestimated.

Here we look at the key reasons why your footwear must be kept clean.

  • Maintain a professional appearance

For many industries, a decent pair of work boots or safety shoes are compulsory – especially if there is equipment, materials or substances that could potentially damage your footwear.

While you must find a pair that fits properly and allows you to do your job safely and efficiently, you also want to care for them to ensure they look great for years to come – keeping standards high.

  • Make sure your footwear lasts 

It often depends on your employer, but if you have to provide your own safety footwear, you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. And the best way to do so is to regularly clean and maintain your boots – dislodging dirt and debris from the soles, inspecting the uppers for scuffs and scrapes and ensuring they are fully waterproofed if you work outside. 

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  • Protect your feet 

Though you might not think so, a clean and comfortable pair of work boots is something that your feet will thank you for. After all, if you work in construction, there’s a good chance that you’ll be stood out in all weathers. And if your boots are ripped or well-worn, they might not provide your feet with the support and protection they need but, instead, cause blisters.

  • Prevent the spread of bacteria

Bacteria can be found almost anywhere and is easily trodden into hygienic areas or site cabins on the bottoms of workers’ and visitors’ shoes. Whilst you could give your footwear a quick wipe down before entering such environments, or remove your boots at the door, you must make sure that you regularly clean them to reduce the risk of adverse effects on human health. 

  • Keep the working environment tidy

Removing your mucky work boots before entering the site cabin will prevent dirt and bacteria from being walked in, ensuring that it is kept clean and hygienic. This not only prevents everyone from pointing the finger at you for traipsing in mud but also saves the cleaner having to clean up after you. We get that – if you only need to nip in to make yourself a brew or to grab your waterproof coat or a clipboard – you will spend more time unlacing your boots than you would in the cabin. And that’s where boot washing stations come in handy. 

Use Boot Washers to keep your boot clean also by the use of a boot washer your boot looks new.

Make life easier with a boot washing station

Although you might be tempted to throw your work boots in the washing machine once you get home, it’s not advisable and could cause more damage than good.

Many people opt to clean their boots by hand – removing the laces, using a brush to remove the dirt and debris that’s built up and a suitable cleaning detergent and warm water – but there is a simpler alternative.

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Boot washing stations are designed to do the arduous work for you. All you need to do is place your foot into the washer and push the button. Then, depending on whether you opt for a manual or automatic machine, you will either use the handheld brush to give your boots a good scrub (both the soles and uppers) or the boot washer will control the dosing of water and detergent for you.

If you’d like to know more about boot washing stations or to buy one for your industrial setting, visit Stainless Steel Manufacturing and Equipment today.