Windows and Doors Replacement: Can It Increase Your House Value?

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Home contributes to one of the significant factors to live a comfortable life. And its look plays a crucial role. Whether you’re having your home appraised or wanted to make it a little more fascinating, getting the interiors repainted or replacing old windows and doors is crucial. However, before starting a home improvement project, it’s good to understand what kind of investment the process might take and what you will get in the end.

Well, you should know that some home renovations pay off at a much better rate than others. Our website has done comprehensive research and concluded that replacing Ecoline Windows and Doors is among the best options if you need to add value to your house by making some home renovations.

Want to know the reasons? In this article, we will walk you through the advantages of replacing windows & doors when it comes to home improvement. Additionally, you’ll learn everything about popular products as well as the cost of replacement services. Does that sound great? Great. Tag along!

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Replacing Windows and Doors: Do You Need It?

When it comes to adding value to your home, there are many benefits new windows or doors can offer. Although you might not have plans to sell your house today, you’ll see the difference in value in a few years. Without further ado, below are the five advantages of windows and doors replacement.

  1. Lowers Home Maintenance

Modern doors and windows reduce dust and allergens. As an ended bonus, they are safe, and the amount of time you’ll spend on cleaning is much less compared to your old drafty windows. Moreover, your brand-new windows can be installed in a convenient way with comfortable openings even in hard-to-reach places.

  1. Improves Energy Efficiency and Home Comfort

Renewed doors and windows ultimately help to lower energy costs and keep climate-controlled air in your home more consistently comfortable. Besides, new windows can also help to reduce the wear on your furnace and air conditioner. With this, your home can achieve an excellent result by being warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  1. Reduces Noise Pollution

Great tons of studies have shown that noise pollution can be harmful to human health. Luckily, when you replace your windows and doors, it drastically combats the noise you live with every day by providing a more restful environment. That means fewer naptime interruptions and better health.

  1. Increases Home Value

If you’re looking to venture into the property market, investing in windows and doors is one of the best options since they immensely affect the price of your house. Moreover, it is always easier to sell your property with new windows installed as it is considered to be a significant investment not everyone willing to make.

  1. Keeps Your Family Safe

As your old windows and doors start wearing out, the security becomes more compromised. Brand-new windows solutions provide excellent security with many additional features to keep your home safe. You are free to choose more locks, different handles, and other hardware to increase safety.

When Are Replacement Windows Most Important?

Getting new windows and doors is a huge investment that requires the right timing. You should know when to make a full replacement since sometimes you can just go with some tiny improvements (retrofit) rather than installing completely new products.

Below are some of key signs indicating you need to replace your old windows and doors:

  • Your old ones have lasted for more than 15 to 20 years and start wearing out
  • The windowpane is cracked
  • You have high energy bills meaning your current windows are not energy efficient
  • Condensation on windows that means your windows might get leaky
  • Your current windows are not soundproof, and you get noise pollution all the time

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The Best Windows and Doors Types & Pricing

With so many options on the market, you can just get lost when in search of new windows or doors. However, if you are looking to improve your house value, there is nothing better than to go with the most popular and convenient options among Canadian homeowners:

  • Patio Doors

They are also referred to as sliding doors and are among top choices for home improvement. They are easy to open and close, with one section being fixed and other operable. Doors offer exceptional ventilation and high energy efficiency ratings. Aside from that, they come in an elegant style and allow more natural light to come to your space.

  • Casement Windows

When it comes to windows, casements are considered to be your first stop. They provide the best energy efficiency, offer optimal ventilation capabilities, are easy to clean, and have a great glass area that brings a clear, unobstructed view outside.

While these 2 are the most popular window and door types, they are not the cheapest solutions. Considering the location within your home, the price might differ a lot. Take a look at the table below with the typical price range for patio and casements in Canada.

Location Casement windows Patio doors
Basement $535 – $1,022 n\a
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 n\a
Bedroom $444 – $1193 $1747 – $2882
Bonus room $676 – $1134 n\a
Dining room $550 – $1348 $1600 – $3879
Family room $605 – $1999 $1631 – $3032
Foyer $858 – $1999 n\a
Front $583 – $1014 n\a
Garage n\a n\a
Kitchen $329 – $1356 $1681 – $2862
Living room $484 – $1614 $1640 – $4427
Master bedroom $545 – $1304 $1568 – $3437
Nook $549 – $1149 $1395 – $3083


Source: Ecoline Windows

Choosing a Window Company for Your Next Replacement Project

Well, if you have decided to improve your house look, increase its value or just make some home renovation for yourself by replacing windows and doors, it is crucial that you deal with a reliable company. If you just go and google your local manufacturers, there are tons of offers you will come across. But not of them worth your time and money. When selecting a window company, pay attention to:

  • Energy Star-rated products

The company you deal with should only sell products that are Energy Star-rated and labelled. It ensures you get windows that will help you to save more money by reducing your annual heating bills and provide additional comfort to your space.

  • Certifications and Licenses

Your local manufacturer must strictly follow your building code and CSA guidelines. Moreover, their products should be tested by independent agencies that set high product standards. For example, Ecoline Windows has all their products NAFS-11 and NFRC tested. That guarantees homeowners they get top-quality products, and there will not be any issues with them after installation.

  • Warranty

Make sure you get a decent warranty. Ecoline Windows offers a 25 years warranty that ensures you are fully covered in case any issues arise, and you need your manufacturer to solve them.

What Other Improvement Projects Can Increase Your Home’s Value?

While replacing windows and doors is considered the top option when striving for adding value to your house, there are some additional projects to invest in if you want to get your home selling price skyrocket.

  • Touch Up Your Exterior

If you’re on a budget, the first thing you should consider is to touch up your exterior paint. By doing this, you’ll be able to remove dirt and mold. Afterward, it will increase your home value by adding fresh styles to your main rooms.

  • Replace Your Old Appliances

Apart from windows and doors, replacing your old technologies adds value to your home. For example, toilet appliances and other stuff are among the projects that can increase your home’s value. 

  • Plant a Tree and Improve the Air Quality

Planting a tree beautifies the overall look of your home. Moreover, it adds value to your curb appeal and improves the air quality nearby.