Wondershare UniConverter 13: The Ultimate Converter Software?

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Wondershare UniConverter 13: The Ultimate Converter Software?

In 2021, video is an absolutely essential format for any company that communicates online and wants to have a content strategy in line with current issues. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of blockages of all kinds when it comes to taking the plunge. “Not the budget”, “not the technical skills”, “not adapted to our audience”, “not interesting enough from the point of view of conversions”: the reasons to postpone the integration of video in the marketing strategy until later are numerous… But these reasons often translate an approximate knowledge of the environment of video marketing and a perfectible support in the matter. And for good reason, video is a type of content that can be beneficial to any digital strategy and to all types of businesses. In the worst case, it simply brings more. At best, it takes web marketing to a whole new level.

Today, Youtube is now the second most used search engine in the world, behind Google. But this penetration of video into content consumption practices is not limited to Youtube. If we add the different video channels, we reach this impressive figure of 61% of internet traffic, far ahead of other types of content: Computer graphics: Video streaming represents 61% of internet traffic (Statista). On more and more consumer profiles, online video is acclaimed compared to other content formats, but it is also popular compared to television, which seemed to be indebted in our daily practices a few years ago. 

In relation to the increasing role of video as a whole, on your computer, you probably have a series of utility software that helps you on a daily basis. We think, for example, of a program dedicated to optimizing your PC or multimedia software. Among the most practical tools are also audio and video converters. These programs are essential to help you listen to music or watch movies on your various devices. Today we are going to introduce you to one that is among the best known in the market: Wondershare UniConverter.

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Wondershare UniConverter 13: a very important update

Wondershare UniConverter recently upgraded to version 13. This is an important update as the publisher has redesigned its software and unveiled a brand new interface that is more modern but still easy to use. The different tools are now grouped together in a menu on the left for faster navigation.

Wondershare UniConverter 13 is a powerful audio and video converter, capable of supporting over 1000 different file formats. It stands out from its competitors by its conversion speed but also by the presence of a video editor. It is also possible to access it very easily to perform a few quick edits such as adding a watermark, a video effect or cropping the file.

Better yet: the program even includes a module for downloading YouTube videos, which is ideal for enjoying your favorite videos without having to be connected to the internet. To prove to you how convenient this feature is, we’re going to show you how.

In the version of Uniconverter 13, many value-added features have been added, such as:

  1. Add a home page module;
  2. Increase the ‘favorite’;
  3. Increase the smart trimmer;
  4. Increase the watermark removal function;
  5. Add a paid upgrade system;
  6. Optimize the gifmaker module;
  7. GPU acceleration is upgraded to full-process GPU acceleration;
  8. Optimize the video editing module;
  9. Added language-to-text function;
  10. Added the function of retracting and expanding the menu;
  11. New player module;
  12. Optimize the batch processing function of the subtitle editing module;

Broadly speaking, here are the common problems that Wondershare UniConverter 13 can solve:

  1. Video files that are too large so that they are difficult to transfer via social media platforms such as WhatsApp.
  2. It is difficult to download videos in large quantities.
  3. Difficult to record the screen, which is usually experienced by gamers.
  4. Difficult to remove or add watermark.
  5. It is difficult to combine several videos into one.
  6. Time-wasting video trimming.
  7. And of course very limited video conversion.

The above problems can be solved in just a few clicks if you use this great tool. 

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How to convert YouTube video to MP4 with Wondershare UniConverter 13?

Wondershare UniConverter 13 allows you to convert videos and audios to MP4 on Windows and macOS without losing quality. Software performance has been greatly improved even when it comes to 4K or 8K videos. Here is how to use the program to download video from YouTube.

First, it is necessary to download Wondershare UniConverter 13. The program is available on Windows and macOS. Install it and open the software.

At the same time, go to YouTube and choose the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video in question. Then go back to Wondershare UniConverter and, in the menu bar on the left, click on “downloader”. A new window will open in which you need to paste the URL of the YouTube video. Then click on the “download” button.

When the video has been downloaded, it will appear in the software interface “. This means that it is now present on your computer in MP4 format. So you can watch it without having to be connected to the internet and even transfer it to other devices. There are options available to let you choose the size of the video according to the definition you want.

Discover Wondershare UniConverter 13 for free

If you want to test the functionality of Wondershare UniConverter 13 for yourself, the publisher offers a trial version to experience the program. To take advantage of all the features, it is necessary to acquire a license.

In order to allow more users to enjoy this product at a reduced price, Wondershare UniConverter gives special discount terms for students, teachers and educational staff in general. This reduction is valid on the unlimited plan, the most annual and the quarterly plan. If you are a student or a teacher, do not miss this opportunity.