YouTube rules: the main points leading to the blocking and deletion of the channel

Rohan Mathew

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Hello, friends. Well done for taking a look at this article. Today I will tell you about the basic YouTube rules that will save you from blocking and deleting both individual videos and the entire channel that you host or are just starting to host.

Many, in pursuit of ratings and drawing attention to their videos, do things that they later have to regret. And someone even falls under criminal liability and imprisonment for uploading videos that go beyond the boundaries of normal.

But I hope everyone here is adequate, they know the basic laws and what content cannot be posted on the Internet. I think it’s not worth writing about such things as violence against people and animals, depiction of cruelty, terrorism, threats to physical health, pornography and others, and so it is understandable.

I would like to talk about why your channel from the YouTube community can “get on the head”. For what violations users’ channels are banned and videos are deleted.

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What is prohibited by the YouTube rules?

Today I re-read all the official tips and rules of video hosting 3 times in order to write out the main, most interesting points and write this article.

Explicit scenes of a sexual nature.

It is understood that all pornography is prohibited on YouTube. But he also does not allow the video to contain naked intimate parts of the body. This applies to everything, even for a baby squeak, your video will most likely be deleted.

Therefore, if you are going to use some elements of eroticism in your videos, then be sure to make sure that all participants are wearing underwear and that intimate parts of the body are covered.

Manifestation of hatred.

YouTube rules prohibit posting videos that contain statements against individuals or groups of people on a specific basis.

– religion, 

– race and ethnicity, 

– disability, 

– sexual orientation, 

– gender, 

– age, etc.


Threats to a specific person are also prohibited on YouTube. You should not threaten anyone with harm to your health in your videos.

Deceiving users.

Cheating is not just about fraud and illegal withdrawal of funds from users, which is a criminal offense. On YouTube, it is also considered a cheating, for example, the wrong video title in order to attract attention. When the title of the video is one, but in the video it is completely different.

For this, the video is banned and removed.

It is also considered cheating to create a channel and impersonate another person. This applies to the moment when they create fake channels of famous people and try to make money on it.

Someone else’s content.

YouTube has certain licenses for downloadable videos. There are videos that you can download and upload to your channel, and you won’t get anything for this, but there are those for which the channel gets fines, the video is blocked in this case. We will talk about these licenses and “gray channels”  in a separate article, where I will tell you how you can make money using other people’s videos.

YouTube also monitors any elements of someone else’s content in your video, be it music, excerpts from films, etc. If these elements are also licensed, then you will receive fines and the video will be blocked. Therefore, be careful with the use of music in your videos. Where to get music and how it can be used without violations, I will also tell you separately.

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Spam in videos and comments.

On YouTube, it is forbidden to upload videos and write a lot of comments that are aggressive advertising and their main purpose is – redirect the user to some other site.

Spam has not worked for a long time, everyone is full and does not pay attention to it.

By spam, you only make yourself worse, play a clean game, and learn to attract traffic correctly.

Artificial traffic attraction.

All cheats and artificial traffic attraction also do not work, moreover, YouTube algorithms track and punish it for buying subs on Youtube.

Harmful and dangerous content.

YouTube does not allow content that is violent or dangerous or illegal that could result in serious injury or death. Don’t show in your videos what is dangerous to repeat.

This rule also includes the use of drugs and alcohol in the video.

Confidential data.

Well, the last point for which you can be punished is – it is the publication of a person’s personal data without his consent.


In conclusion, I want to urge you to be adequate YouTube users, do not break all these rules when posting videos and buy You Tube views or promote your channel in white. And when prohibited videos were found, they sent a complaint about them.

I wish you all great success.

If you have questions regarding any YouTube rules, then ask them in the comments.