10 Safe Ways to Kill Ants in Your Home

Charlotte Miller

10 Safe Ways to Kill Ants in Your Home

There are hundreds of ant species and most of them are not harmful to humans but this does not mean they’re welcomed into your home, especially the kitchen. Having to deal with an ant invasion in your home can be tiring and tasking, but there are safe methods of getting rid of them. If you’re scared of doing it yourself, Pest Extermination Experts of Baltimore MD got you covered. 

10 Safe Ways To Kill Ants In Your Home

  1. Use Peppermint

Peppermint can be planted in your home as a repellant because ants dislike its smell, you can also use mint oil on the suspected area which will keep them far away from your home. 

This method brings a cool scent to your house because mint smells nice. If you don’t want to plant it, you can get peppermint oil at a store. 

  1. Use Grounded Black or Red Pepper

This method has been found effective because insects like ants find it smelling and irritating. To use this method, sprinkle the grounded pepper at suspected areas. This method can make your home look untidy. 

  1. Apply Vinegar

This method requires that you get a bottle, mix a good amount of vinegar and water, and spray it on the ants. This will instantly kill them, you can also spray it on specific locations where they likely converge to keep them away. 

Spraying the mixture directly on the ants can get messy and you’ll need to clean the affected area. 

  1. Use Boiling Water 

No insect can survive in boiling water, and it has no health effect on you. This method is applicable when you have ant hills in your house, locate them and pour an appreciable amount of boiling water, this will kill the ants instantly. 

Using the boiling water method may not give sufficient help if there are so many ant hills in your environment, hence, you can apply other safe methods. 

  1. Cinnamon

Ants hate the smell of cinnamon leaves and oil, when they inhale it, they suffocate and die. You can ground some cinnamon leaves and sprinkle them on any ant colony, this kills them instantly. 

You can also mix cinnamon oil with water and spray it on affected areas in your home to keep ants off that area. You don’t have to plant a cinnamon tree, these items can be gotten at the mall or store nearby. 

  1. Monitor Your Garden

Some house plants can get infested with ants thereby serving as a brooding place for ants to invade your home. 

Uproot-infested plants when noticed and place citrus rinds around the soil to keep ants away. Citrus rinds can be gotten from lemons and oranges, they repel ants. 

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Ants get attracted to sweet things and starchy foods like sugar, honey, fruits, and cornmeal. To keep them off your store or kitchen, always seal your storage utensil, wash all plates and pots and avoid having a moist environment. 

Pet bowls should be kept clean and sweep all crumbs away from the table or ground. 

  1. Use Borax Bait

Borax acts as a poison when consumed by ants, it is more effective when mixed with food and other substances that attract ants. Mix a small quantity of food with borax and place its strategic positions in your home. 

This will, in a short while, kill all the ants in your home because as ants feast on the mixed substance, they carry leftovers to their colony, thereby reducing their number. 

  1. Avoid Moisture Issues

A moist environment attracts ants and this is a good breeding ground for ants and other pests. Keep your house void of leaks and always clean wooden countertops and utensils after use. 

  1. Seal Possible Entrances

Ants, owing to their small size can pass through any thin opening, hence, cracks and other small entrances to your home.