Do Dogs Keep Cockroaches Away?

Berry Mathew

Do Dogs Keep Cockroaches Away?

Dogs have been used to protect livestock and homes from pests for a very long time. Cockroaches are a part of this, to some extent. They can be kept at bay by simply having a dog nearby. Beyond that, scuttling cockroaches still trigger the hunting impulse that dogs still have. 

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Do dogs keep cockroaches away? Although cockroaches can be kept away by dogs, they can’t control large and established populations or severe cockroach infestations. Dogs can prevent new cockroaches from establishing habitats in your home. If you work hard enough, you can even teach your dog to kill cockroaches when it sees one. 

Cockroaches hardly ever terrify dogs. Unfortunately, consuming contaminated cockroaches could poison your dog. Although a young or inexperienced dog may be skeptical about approaching them.

Dogs Vs Cockroaches

Cockroaches will flee in the presence of a dog, just like they would from a cat. In reality, dogs possess a variety of characteristics, instincts, and breed-specific benefits that might turn them against cockroaches. 

Dogs Are Scary

Cockroaches fear all breeds of dogs as well as anything bigger than they are. Have you ever observed how cockroaches scurry away when startled by light or sound?  A cockroach won’t even wait to see if a dog is pursuing it because it starts scurrying away at the slightest sound of movement around it. 

Cockroaches Can Be Easily Detected By Dogs

Dogs have outstanding hearing and olfactory abilities. For the ordinary person, the smell of 1-2 cockroaches is undetectable, but your dog will undoubtedly pick them out. 

This enables canines to locate cockroach nests and detect cockroaches long before they move. It also facilitates your dog’s cockroach hunting. It can also assist you in choosing the best locations for cockroach trap placement and repellant application. 

Dogs Respond To Quick Tiny Movements 

Cockroaches are small and fragile, yet when they move swiftly, they produce enough noise to draw a dog’s attention. When a dog spots a cockroach, its instinct instantly drives it to inspect its surroundings. Cockroaches awaken a dog’s natural hunting urge.

Dog Breeds Suitable For Hunting Pests

Any dog can successfully catch a cockroach. It turns out that some breeds of dogs are particularly good at it. This includes well-known breeds like terriers, which were carefully bred to eliminate pests. 

These tiny canines, which range from the Yorkshire Terrier to the Jack Russell, are good at catching gophers and rodents. These dogs have small bodies, swift movements, and rapid bites. 

Cockroaches can be kept at bay by these dog breeds. However, A dog cannot completely repel cockroaches. Cockroaches will remain if there are places to hide, moisture, and food present. The presence of these breeds of dogs won’t get rid of them or deter them permanently. That will just make them more suspicious. 

As a result, Cockroaches could become more cautious when exploring your home and learn to never come out during the day. They will postpone foraging until the evening or other quiet hours. 

Cockroach colonies that have been established for a long time are tough to eliminate. A dog might scare off visitors, but it can’t wipe off the entire cockroach population. You might require the services of a professional to completely eliminate cockroach colonies in your home. 

Additional Note: Dogs will, at the very least, prevent pests from lurking around your home during the day and limit their nighttime movement. Although they can’t wipe out cockroach infestation. 

Cockroaches can be deterred by dogs, but this is not the best way to get rid of them. Contact the best professional bug exterminators to get rid of cockroach infestation in your home.