11 Best Online Slideshow Maker 2021

Rohan Mathew


There’s nothing that even comes close to a great image slideshow when it comes to demonstrating your memorable photographs to friends and family. An advanced slideshow maker provides you total control over your slideshows.

It’s also possible to add comments, maps, and music to your presentation. Not all applications provide the same feature set, and it is those that depart from the standard that makes a difference. These tools will also help you to create videos for social media

Well, if you want to know about the mobile video editing apps then you can visit the respective article. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 11 best online slideshow creators in 2021 that you can use to craft well-drafted slideshows.

Top 11 Online Slideshow Makers of 2021

  1. InVideo

InVideo is designed for business professionals or anybody else who needs to create appealing slideshows. In all honesty, it gives you everything you need to make a great video, from short intros to full-fledged commercial videos. We are pretty sure that Invideo will be the first slideshow maker you will pick because of the various options it provides. 

The platform comes with a comprehensive slideshow creation suite that can fulfill every creative requirement. The platform is easy to use and its intuitive interface makes it user-friendly for beginner slideshow creators.

  1. Movavi Slideshow Maker 7

Movavi Slideshow Maker 7 will help you produce great slideshows in a short amount of time and becomes even better the more you master its capabilities and features.

You don’t need to know how to use video editing software to use this slideshow wizard; it’s extremely easy to use even though it includes the essential features of a video editor.

  1. Photostage Slideshow 8

You can get the PhotosStage Slideshow 8 for a reasonable price, and it is easy to use, too. This doesn’t have quite as many capabilities as other programs, but it has more than enough functionality for most individuals to produce great slideshow presentations.

You will find no backdrops, filters, or themes, but you have the opportunity to apply plenty of transition effects.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

This slideshow maker offers the perfect mix of capabilities for the amateur photographer who wants to make high-quality presentations.

The software mostly functions as a simple picture editor but has most of the options you’d expect in a powerful photo enhancing application with the added ability to make slideshow presentations through the ‘Create’ tab.

Other applications try to make complicated processes seem simple and simple processes seem complex but PhotoDirector is extremely easy to use and will enable you to get amazing outcomes with very little effort.

  1. PixGram

If you just want to make slideshows and montages on your smartphone, PixGram is fantastic slideshow software. There’s a free version of the program, and it covers most of the functions you’ll need.

However, you can’t upload films longer than three minutes in length, a capability limited to the premium version. While you have a wide variety of video editing choices, you are missing out on the best feature: transitions.

  1. PicPlayPost

Though it’s not a video application in its own right, PicPlayPost is surprisingly strong as a slideshow (and video) tool for iOS devices. It comes with numerous capabilities, and it’s capable of producing 1080p and 4K-resolution montages and galleries, provided you own an iPhone or iPad that supports the function.

The basic version is free; however, you need to upgrade if you plan on using the bulk of the features. It costs $6.99 a month, and if you’re not planning on using it a lot, then it might not be worth the expense.

  1. Photostory Deluxe

PhotoStory Deluxe 2021 is an ideal solution for your first time with a picture slideshow, since it offers an uncomplicated design for a home computer. To help you get started, the slideshow wizard offers a detailed walkthrough of the major elements, and thereafter the interface is basic and straightforward.

While choices here are rather restricted, there is still enough functionality to make your slideshow presentations seem professionally made.

  1. MAGIX Photostory Deluxe

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe can teach you how to create slick slideshows with your images and movies. This is a great tool to produce professional-looking slide shows and collage files, with helpful editing tools built-in, as well as the ability to use movies and clips to animate your slideshows.

Along with enjoying more than 1,500 built-in effects, more than 200 decorative components, and more than 100 pre-designed templates, you can also add audio in the form of music and sound effects.

  1. Fastreel

When it comes to finding an easy-to-use online alternative, consider using Fastreel from Movavi. It integrates an easy-to-use slideshow generator with a sophisticated video editor that is available from any device.

It’s really easy to use; all you have to do is choose a transition and then choose the length of each slide. You may upload a song from your device or pick a tune from the Music Collection to turn on your music choices.

  1. Slidely Show

With the unique benefit of not needing downloads or installs, Slidely Show offers online video and slideshow creation. There are two options to get full functionality: trying it out for free, or upgrading to a premium account.

Users will get access to hundreds of themes, which offer sophisticated features like dynamic text, along with millions of images and clips for creating PowerPoint presentations.

  1. PTE AV Studio

When making slideshows, whether for commercial or personal usage, PTE AV Studio 10 is another application you may utilize to accomplish this goal.

While this slideshow creator enables users to go through over one hundred various slide layouts, themes, and transitions, it also enables users to use text captions, animations, music, keyframing, and built-in editing.


There are plenty of excellent slideshow makers you can download and start using now. It is essential to consider things like the overall simplicity of use, functionality, compatibility, and overall experience in mind when you are selecting your next slideshow creator.

Choose any of the above-mentioned slideshow creators and create an appealing slideshow whenever you want.