4 Tips to Splurge on a Luxury Vacation

Rohan Mathew

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4 Tips to Splurge on a Luxury Vacation

Although travel this year is still complicated, it is slowly getting safer. As it does, you can start to put all of your cooped up energy, and (more importantly) the money that you’ve saved towards planning the ultimate vacation. A summer getaway is an amazing opportunity to pamper yourself, especially if you’re willing to spend a little extra. After the year we’ve all had, you deserve it! Whether you’re hoping to live the high life in your favorite city or lounge around on a pristine beach, these tips will help you splurge on yourself the next time you travel. 

Fly first class

When you travel, flying can be one of the most stressful parts of your experience. Airport security is a hassle for everyone, especially if you’re traveling alone with lots of luggage. While avoiding the masses all together sounds like a great idea, private jets can be exorbitantly pricey. Also, they’re bad for the environment. Compromise between the most pricey and the bargain option by splurging on first-class tickets and direct flights. Even for extremely long flights, a first-class ticket will ensure that you are taken care of from start to finish. Bonus: The perks are amazing (champagne, anyone?). 

Stay in only the best accommodations

Speaking of perks, your hotel or resort of choice should be full of them. If you’re looking to splurge on a vacation, booking a lavish hotel is an absolute must. We recommend looking for somewhere beautiful, with a good balance of party life and serene relaxation. That way you can thoroughly enjoy yourself at the wet bar but still get a glorious night’s sleep. Some of the best Key West luxury hotels have exactly this balance, offering in-house massages, multiple pools and spas, and incredible restaurants right on sight. But be careful! Spend your cash on a place like this, and you may never want to leave! 

Reach for the (Michelin) stars

Typically, we encourage our readers to eat healthily as part of their wellness routine. While that certainly has value, in our opinion, summer vacation is not a time to restrict yourself. It’s time to indulge! When you start to get tired of the delicious resort food, you’ll have to get out and discover the local dishes. One way to ensure that you eat only the most delectable food is to look up the Michelin starred restaurants wherever you are. A meal at these establishments will cost you a pretty penny, but we guarantee you it’s absolutely worth it. For years, the Michelin Guide has been one of the most respected ways to be recognized for excellence in dining. If you are near enough to a Michelin starred restaurant, do yourself a favor and book a dinner there as soon as possible.

Hire a driver

If you’re traveling internationally, you’re heading to a destination where you might be out of your comfort zone. As a tourist, you may not speak the language when you’re on vacation, or you may not be familiar with the culture. In some places, travellers are even the targets of scammers, who prey on the stranger’s vulnerability. Unfortunately, this is even more true for women who travel solo. A great way to combat this stress is to spend extra money to hire a professional driver. Not only can they pick you up from the airport, allowing you to avoid the hassle of a cab, but they can ensure that you make it safely to and from attractions and activities with little to no work on your part. 

As the world opens back up, so do more and more opportunities to travel. If you’ve got some extra cash saved, treat yourself to a luxurious vacation using these 4 tips!