5 Things You Should Know About VLONE

Rohan Mathew

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Now A$AP Mob’s VLONE is very famous, it is the right time for to understand better the newest make of this minute, after several pop up stores across the globe (also in Milan in Slam Jam) and also a cooperation using off-white.

After seven weeks since their Point of this position of these brand in an interview using VloneStuff. The Idea seems to bother Orson Welles’ famous quotation “We are born, we reside, we die alone. The illusion for the moment that we aren’t entirely”, a notion which frequently appears in both rappers’ words whenever they discuss Harlem, their livelihood and, most importantly, the meaning of VLONE.

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So, here are 5 things you should know about Vlone clothing brand:

#1 You Live Alone, You Die Alone. Its own Rocky who supplies us a definitive meaning of this new, refusing all kinds of stereotypes of fashion establishment and looking at it not as being a clothing line, however a true way of life, that is outlined with all the headline: “Live , die alone”. The rapper also wishes to underline that VLONE resembles a collective, a team at which at top we will find A$AP Bari,” A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen, however without a rigid order structure. “We are a team. Nobody has a lot of a [official] position” said Rocky.

#2 Friends. Bari shows the meaning of this Vlone Shirt using the Friends that the minus writings about these: “Should you minus anything it has “zero” Minus life. Minus style. Minus food. Anything that you set a minus, you wind up getting zero. Therefore, such as an obsession, the very concept behind the new “Live alone, die alone” yields again and again.

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#3 Inspiration. VLONE isn’t just an easy clothing brand, however a feeling to share with you, a life style. Because of this, the very first supply of inspiration during the creative process is merely the rapper’s own lives. “My entire clothing adventure is merely based in my entire life, you believe me? I actually don’t awaken and go buy the brand new high vogue. I decide to try to accomplish things by simply beating things instead of simply going right to the truth” therefore explains Bari.

#4 Harlem. The nick’s district by which Bari and Rocky originate from (like the others of this A$AP Mob) is in the rappers’ minds; it reflects their history, their own civilization, where they draw inspiration and they would like to convey with the entire world, since Bari says: “Everything I really do would be taking Harlem and bringing it all everywhere”.

#5 Pop-up store(s). Both rappers are sure of the significance of pop up stores, which can be thought like a fashion fad, however as a true medium to market their own clothes to a favorite people they are able to relate with. In this aspect they do not repent their choice to steer clear of a popup store in Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, to underline they don’t really desire to get confusing together with most of labels on the renowned Californian street. “I am not street-wear. I am not large fashion. I am sheets fashion. Ido my own shit to your hood niggas” Bari ultimately ends up, confirming again which VLONE just isn’t fashion, but its own lifetime.