5 Ways To Reduce E-Commerce Bounce Rate

Rohan Mathew

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5 Ways To Reduce E-Commerce Bounce Rate

The failure rate in the business computer business may sound familiar to some. Customers come to your web resource, stop there for a while, and then leave it without going to another page. The intermediate failure rate for computer business companies in 2016 reached 58%.

You need to take a closer look at the size of the search bar

One of the reasons for the high failure rate in the computer business is that visitors cannot find what they are looking for. To solve this problem, you must create a search bar that they will see well. According to Jacob Nelson’s report, a flawless search box should be twenty-seven characters wide.

Have a proven search engine solution

It is not enough to have a search box of the right size if it does not give the correct final effects. If you have never thought about how a web resource search engine can influence the labor function of your Internet portal, then now is the time to start doing it.

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High-speed integration – the master of internet portals

A site that loads at a slow pace is what is called a bounce heaven. With every second that your websites load, your conversions can crash. An experimental study of Decibel Insight, tied to page load time and bounce rate, shows that slow sites have a seventy-two percent higher bounce rate than fast sites.

The speed intensity of a web resource is critical. You need to proactively organize all the likely actions to make your web portal faster. We recommend that you learn the best practices from Google to reduce the reduced load time. Also, specialists of the company are ready to help you https://www.makebecool.com/services/shopify-maintenance.

Split test the timing of your modal box

Imagine that you have just walked into a mall to buy various things. A person who works here as a customer feedback operator comes up to you. The employee starts asking what you liked at the point of sale and would induce you to return, would you recommend the store to a friend? Think about what your reaction would be.

If you have limitless patience, you can delicately ask him to give you a break in your conversation. But not earlier than mentally make a promise to yourself no longer to enter this retail space.

Now think about online shopping and modal boxes. Theatrical stage pop-ups are extremely reminiscent of this employee. They can be useful for boosting your rankings as conversions increase. The bottom line is to find out how long you have to wait before they open up. The constant blinking of these windows is annoying.

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Customer support available

Enhanced product search and reference information are essential. Having an online chat with a company employee in real time is considered an important plus. Guests may experience various difficulties that you have not taken into account. Sometimes they have questions that you have to give detailed answers.

The live chat widget apparatus goes a long way in reducing the bounce rate. A properly trained customer relations manager will not only attract potential customers, but will also support them until they buy the product. There are many quality chat widgets that automatically pop up when they know that a customer can leave the site. They determine this by his behavior on the page.

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