Increase Organic Traffic with These Quick SEO Tips

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Creating a website with high-quality content does not guarantee satisfactory organic traction. Search Engine Optimization is a tricky area that needs a lot of research and understanding Here are a few tips that will help in increasing the organic traffic of your website.

  1. Improve Your Existing Content:

First drafts are never perfect, and you will certainly need to upgrade the content at some point. Instead of adding new content, always make sure to do a check of your old content and upgrade them as per the latest data. From an SEO perspective also, it is a great idea. You can always revisit the focus keywords and make changes to them if needed to get more traction.

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  1. Update Internal Links:

So when you publish new content to populate your site, you may not have many other content pages to link it to. As your content increases, you will have many articles to internally link to. This is the phase where you should spend time linking internal articles as it comes under one of the SEO best practices.

  1. Convert Blog Posts to Videos:

It is a general notion that people enjoy watching useful videos more than reading about them. It also becomes easy to understand when the content is in a video format. You can always repurpose the blog post as a video. This will help in appealing to visitors, and your lost blog can trend again.

  1. Get Backlinks for Your Images:

If you have customer images or illustrations on your website, then it is likely that other websites may use them. Right-click on an image on your site, then hit “Search Google for Image” to check if someone else is using the image. If you contact them to give your content a backlink. Ensure the site you are asking for a backlink has a decent Domain Authority, or else it will not hold much value.

  1. Increase the Page Loading Speed:

A major part of SEO is the page loading speed. It matters to rank your site higher, and also, the visitors prefer to go to sites that load faster. If your site loading speed is not up to the mark, then the page drops will be higher. Use caching to increase the website speed, keep the components on the page lighter and optimize image size, which might boost the site speed.

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  1. Use UPI to Integrate Analytics:

All SEO experts will agree that you have to collect analytics data of how the site is performing currently to get more organic data. The parameters you gather will help determine the rights SEO tactics and the ones that are not working. If you are using SEO software to improve site ranking and organic traffic, integrating SEO API will help in automatically linking the analytics data to the software. Using API for SEO software to integrate the data will yield better results, and it is a one-time process that will make your SEO tactics’ implementation easier.

  1. Use the Right Keywords in Images:

Images are also an effective way to the page rank higher. The image tab in the Google search displays images based on the search keyword. This means you have to use keywords to list your content image if you wish to rank higher in image search.

The Bottom Line:

SEO is not just about using the right keywords. There is n hard and fast rule and different strategies work differently for various websites. You need to do trial and error and keep an eye on the analytics to figure out what works best for your website.