Best Remote Jobs in 2020 to Start Working Online

Rohan Mathew

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Working from home sounds like the ultimate goal. After all, it offers more flexibility with your schedule and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll no longer need to sit stuck in traffic for hours while driving to work, giving you more time to focus on your work. The list of benefits goes on and on. However, you’ll need some time to figure out what remote job would align with your skills, talents and temperament. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best remote jobs in 2020. Hopefully, you’ll find something you enjoy doing that fits your unique needs. 

The Rise of Online Careers Amidst the Pandemic

As the coronavirus (COVID19) continues to wreak havoc worldwide, a number of companies are asking their employees to work from home. Likewise, individuals who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic are also resorting to working remotely, attracted by the non-location specific opportunities as a means to increase their livelihood.

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Here are some steps you can take to land your dream remote job.

  • Don’t quit your day job just yet. Before quitting your regular job, make sure that you already have a stable remote job.
  • Check remote job boards. Check websites that specifically cater to remote workers, such as Upwork. Likewise, you can also browse the SEO work from home jobs at Ardor.            
  • Find a remote job in which you excel. Freelance work is still work. That’s why you need to find something that you can enjoy and that aligns with your professional vision and lifestyle goals. 
  • Be wary of scams. Scams are quite common in the freelancing world. So, make sure to verify the legitimacy of your potential client’s business. 
  • Know what employers are looking for. Do your research about the company where you are seeking work, so that you know what to expect in terms of work, culture and professional growth. 

Best Remote Jobs to Try

Here are some of the best remote jobs of 2020!

SEO Analyst

As an SEO analyst, you will use your skills to analyze and improve a website’s ranking on search engines by researching and inserting the most relevant and popular keywords used in search engines. Therefore, in a sense, you’re in charge of maintaining the health of a company’s website. 

Link Building Specialist

Working as an SEO link building strategist allows you to collaborate with web designers and web developers to ensure that your online content will get a high ranking on search engines. It will also be your job to identify linkable assets to boost website traffic. Plus, this is one of the best remote jobs you can do without a degree.

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Content Writer and Editor

Although many companies have their team of writers, a growing number are starting to outsource their content needs by hiring freelance writers and content creators. In fact, writing is one of the oldest and “the quintessential” remote jobs found online. So, if you have a way with words, let your inner wordsmith shine.

Web Developer

Web development is one of the best remote jobs in 2020. In fact, BLS reports that in 2018, approximately 16% of web developers were self-employed, with most of them working from home. And the best part is that you don’t need an advanced degree to excel in this field. You simply require dedication to take advantage of the free learning opportunities available online and prove what you can do to your prospective employer. 

HR Manager and Recruiter

Many remote companies have their own team of HR personnel to take care of the hiring and onboarding process. Even large companies are hiring third-party recruitment firms to get them new talents. As a result, there will always be a need for recruiters and HR managers. 

Social Media Manager

If you’re looking for the best remote job for moms, this may be for you. Most social media managers work flexible hours and only need to report to their clients once in a while, making it perfect for moms with young children. As a social media manager, you’ll be in charge of growing your client’s social media following by creating great content and engaging with followers.

Project Manager         


With most businesses going remote, there’s no reason why project managers can’t work from home. There are many factors to consider when managing a remote team. But with the help of videotelephony and project management tools such as Zoom, Trello, and Asana, you can ensure the success of your virtual project team.


Doing the job you love from the comforts of your home is everyone’s dream. But that’s easier said than done. Getting a remote job will take more work and effort than you initially thought. After all, there are others like you who want to embrace their inner digital nomad, and therefore, you can expect the competition to be stiff. As a general rule of thumb, always put your best foot forward during interviews. And don’t get too disappointed if you don’t get the job – there are plenty more out there!

Telecommuting jobs allow you to work anywhere in the world—as long as you have a laptop and access to high-speed internet. Check out our travel page to help you plan your next digital nomad destination and create the life you’ve always imagined!