Common Warning Signs To Recognize Termite Infestation In Your Home

Rohan Mathew

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Termites are discreet intruders and are tough to discover as they typically leave few signs of activity in your homes. Most people only find out about termite infestation after significant damage has been done in their home. It is important to be extra vigilant and catch these warning signs as soon as possible to safeguard your home. Immediately speak to professionals such as Pointe Pest Control if you notice any signs listed below

Identify It’s Droppings

The easiest way to determine termite presence is to spot termite droppings. Termites build their nest and feed on wood. They usually seal the hole they used to enter the wood and do not leave the nest. Due to lack of space inside their nest, they push their deposits out through exit holes. Their droppings, which look like small wood colored pallets, are kicked out in an effort to keep their small nest clean.

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Small Holes in Wood

Termites readily tunnel through woods as they eat through them. These tunnels are quite difficult to notice from the outside and are only visible if it is broken. If you notice small pinpoint holes in a piece of broken wood in your home, it is a sign that termites have set up a nest.

Peeling of Paint 

In order to survive, termites use their mud like waste to create a protective environment that traps heat and moisture inside. This moisture slowly causes the paint on the surface to form bubbles and peel. The peeling of paint usually resembles that from water damage which makes it harder to determine that termites have gained access.

Swelling Of Window Panels and Floor Boards

The moisture created by termites, causes wood from your doors and window frames to warp and swell up. This tightens fittings of windows or doors making it difficult to open or close them. If the colony has infested the floor then it could also cause your wooden floors to buckle and crack.

Mud Tubes 

Termites create pencil-thin mud tubes while traveling from the soil to their food source. Most often these mud tubes can be seen climbing the foundation of your home. 

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Hollow Wood Sounds

Another way to determine termite infestation is to knock on the suspected region of infestation while paying attention to its sound. If you hear a hollow sound while you tap, it means termite may have damaged the area. This is probably due to part or all of the wood inside having been consumed only leaving the outer part or the shell.

Discarded Wings

Termites swarm near well-lit, warm areas and shed their wings afterwards. If you notice tons of discarded wings near a closed window or door, which often resembles fish scales, then it is a sign that termites have set camp in your home.


While these signs can be helpful, most times, it is difficult to determine the presence of termites and by the time you realize it could be too late. It is always wise to get professionals to inspect your home annually to help detect termite infestation as early as possible. This could help minimize the risk of a costly damage to your home.