How To Extract Text From An Image Using Google Tesseract

Rohan Mathew

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Google Tesseract is a cutting-edge open-source program that allows the user to extract text from an existing image file. The program is licensed under Apache 2.0 and Google has supported the application since 2006.

If you are trying to convert text from an existing pdf, jpg, or another type of image-file Google Tesseract is an excellent option. The process of using it, however, can be a bit complicated.

How Does Google Tesseract Work?

Google Tesseract is an OCR or optical character recognition program. Simply put, OCR recognition engines use specific processes to identify text characters in an existing image-file, and convert them into text-files.

Next time you need to digitize a hard copy text resource such as an old newspaper, Google Tesseract OCR can convert your scanned image-files into text-files with ease. The program can be downloaded directly from the internet and onto your device.

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Steps in Using Google Tesseract

The world of computer programming can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are a beginner programmer. Follow these steps to make your use of an OCR engine as easy as possible.

  1. Downloading the Program

You can download the program directly from Google through GitHub. Depending on your individual needs, a different version of the program may work best. This is strictly the most basic and widely available.

There are other sites out there that offer downloads that are specific to C# Tesseract OCR such as IronOCR. This program acts as an expansion to Google Tesseract with improved stability and higher accuracy, all in the C# programming language.  

Picking the right program, in the right programming language, that fits your needs is the first step. After that, you just need to make sure you have the correct other components to run the program smoothly on your device.

  1. Establishing Compatibility

Once you have downloaded the Tesseract program, you will also need to make sure that your device has other necessary software components. Make sure that your Python program is up to date and compatible.

You will also need a module for image processing, appropriate language data files, a slew of test images, a pre-processer that can improve image quality, and of course command prompt to begin utilizing Tesseract.

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  1. Run the Program

Once you have compiled all the necessary software components to successfully utilize Google Tesseract on your device, you can start converting image files to text. Run a couple of test images initially to configure the program correctly.

A solid pre-processing program is essential if you will be converting poor quality images to text. Overall, for those with sufficient knowledge of coding and programming languages such as Python, C#, or C++, Google Tesseract is very user friendly.

From Image to Text

Google Tesseract is the leading program when it comes to converting characters from an image file into a text file format. Programmers often prefer the use of Tesseract vs. Google Vision. Even the most beginner level programer can use it correctly. 

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