DMG Has Big Dreams for Valiant

Rohan Mathew

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DMG is a global media enterprise based out of Beverly Hills, California, and was founded by Dan Mintz in 1994. The entertainment studio prides itself on creating visually appealing projects with three-dimensional characters. Their films feature real-world issues in extreme circumstances, combining action and story in memorable ways.

The wide-reaching company has helped produce films like Prisoners, Kick-Ass, and RED. In 2018, DMG obtained full rights to the intellectual property of Valiant Comics. The CEO of DMG, Dan Mintz, is the driving force behind this acquisition. A quick look at his IMDB profile shows that he has already headlined huge projects such as Iron Man 3, and Looper. Nowadays, he’s breaking new ground with the endless projects that the purchasing of Valiant has opened up.

Mintz has expressed his passion for comics and believes that his work on the 2020 film Bloodshot is just the beginning. The Valiant universe is extensive and Dan Mintz says that DMG is not restricted by the same conditions as some of the larger production companies. Because DMG doesn’t have massive amounts of shareholders to please, they are free to create more edgy, gritty productions.

Valiant has a massive universe that includes more than 2,000 characters. Of which Mintz says his favorite is the Eternal Warrior, a character whose story spans over millennia. This epic timeline is another reason why Dan Mintz and DMG are primed for success. They are not tied to any one storyline or era, instead, they can shop around within the massive bank of Valiant to find the perfect withdrawal for the time.

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Starting Strong

Bloodshot was the first film released by DMG from the Valiant world. Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, (aka Bloodshot) a man who is murdered alongside his wife. With the help of nanotechnology, Ray Garrison is brought by to life and turned into the super-soldier known as Bloodshot. The story continues as Bloodshot learns more about who killed his wife and the facility that created him.

The film is a fast favorite in the comic movie world. It offers a refreshingly different take and style than what is currently on the market. And according to Mintz, this is just the beginning.

Up Next

So, what does the future hold for DMG and Valiant? The list is long, as DMG shoots to make the most of their investment. Franchises, TV shows, and streaming service releases are all on the horizon. DMG is also no stranger to virtual reality, gaming, and live entertainment installations. They worked to create Transformers Live, which, is a “cross between an action-adventure spectacle, a theme park attraction and a theatrical show, featuring shape-shifting robots, aerial stunts and large-scale special effects.”

It isn’t much of a reach to expect more genre-bending live entertainment from DMG, especially as they bring the world of Valiant to life. Who or what is involved, however, will remain a mystery. DMG needs to decide which of Valiant’s thousands of characters to deliver first, and the world has decided who we like best.

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