Edge Trim Cutters: The Benefits Of Implementing A Trim Cutting System In Your Business

Berry Mathew

Edge Trim Cutters: The Benefits of Implementing a Trim Cutting System in Your Business

As packaging a product takes a part in many industries across the board, it is also one of the processes in manufacturing that can produce the most waste. Turning processes into greener, more sustainable methods can have a multitude of benefits to a business. Whether it is to meet eco criteria, build a more environmentally sustainable business model, or for personal ethics, taking steps to building a greener business in manufacturing can offer many benefits.

One effective way to reduce waste in production processes is to invest in edge trim removal systems. Edge trim removal systems such as trim cutters can offer a multitude of benefits including:

  • Improved and efficient recycling processes.
  • Minimised waste which can result in increased revenue.
  • Reduce human labour, where you can allocate duties to more complex roles. 
  • Maximise overall production of the product. 

Industries that implement edge trim cutters

Many manufacturing industries can implement edge trim removal systems including but not limited to food and beverage, labelling, automotive, retail production, and print. 

Because trim cutters are adaptable to such a wide range of industries, naturally you will be able to find edge trim cutters that are made to handle a variety of different materials. 

Some materials that can be used with edge trim cutters are:

  • Laminated film
  • Plastic film
  • Thermoforming material
  • Corrugated and carton board
  • Commercial print
  • Non-woven material
  • Woven material
  • Beverages such as aluminium cans
  • Paper

How edge trim removal systems work

While trim cutters can offer basic waste removal, they are often more complex and tend to offer a variety of features that are built to contribute to the ease of workflow. 

  • For example, edge trim cutters can hold sensors which can notify when the holding container is full of waste. 
  • They can also be used to handle a variety of adhesive materials when built with an oil system. 
  • Static electricity is dealt with by hosting antistatic bars removing potential issues. 
  • They often come with adjustable height which can work with the current machinery being used. 
  • They may offer dust control systems which manages dust debris from the air
  • Generally, they come with a master bagging unit which transfers all the debris to one main source. 


Edge trim cutters can offer a variety of benefits reaching from daily functions to eco-sustainability.