Get Paid to Marry a Foreign Woman: Myths and Reality

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Get Paid to Marry a Foreign Woman: Myths and Reality

You step out of the church with your beautiful newly wedded wife in a white gown looking like a swan, and everything seems normal and happy. But, it is a planned orchestrated scenario, which is a common thing in today’s world. Because of the immigrant issues, males these days get paid to marry a foreign woman who opens a pathway towards citizenship or longer visa.

The Reason Behind To Get Paid to Marry a Foreign Woman

Schemes like anti-immigration and hope for permanent residency or longer visas have caused a growing number of males to marry foreign women and help them out in the issue. To get paid to marry a foreign woman has been very common in many countries, and such a marriage is called sham marriage or fraud marriage.

Here, a man willingly agreed with a woman to marry her in exchange for money for a period until citizenship or after the establishment of the business.

Get Paid to Marry a Foreign Woman

One of the major reasons behind such scam is business actually, where foreign women move to another country to set up her own living but fail due to short time visas. So, to obtain a longer business visa or artist visa, they pay any close friend or a guy who they know very well to marry her and help her out. The money is exceedingly impressive, and the contract is beneficial for both sides.

Marriage is like a “golden loophole” for many foreign women. Overstaying under tourist visas means any chance of getting further permission to get in the country is restricted. This leaves the woman with only one option, which is to get married to a citizen of the country. Many men get paid to marry a foreign woman and set a deal with illegal immigrants in creating a path for them to get permanent residency.

You build a life in a foreign country, but now and then, you have to travel back and forth the country just because your permission wares out. Marriage is the only way out here. Many eligible bachelors get paid to marry a foreign woman not only to help them achieve permanent settlement but also to legalize their stay in the country.

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What are the Risks?

The immigrant enforcement of a country states that such a scam is a national threat to their sovereignty. For the most they know, there could be dangerous terrorists or criminals who pay someone else to get married to them and becomes a citizen of the country.

To mitigate such threat, authority implies taskforce all around the country to tackle frauds and sham marriages. In addition, they opt for a special weapon where married couples are asked a set of personal questions about one another. It is believed that this set of questions are so difficult that even real couples end up failing the procedure.

The immigration agent asks couples in one-on-one interviews about some common questions like, who sleeps on which side of the bed, to initiate the process. Every couple is more or less able to answer these questions. But, the second session is much more intriguing, where couples are separately interrogated for hours after hours. Frauds get caught due to the pressure and eventually face many years of imprisonment and a huge amount of fine.

It is because of these risks, people these days are becoming very cautious and never consider re-doing such activity for the second time. To get paid to marry a foreign woman may seem lucrative, but the consequence is becoming harsher day-by-day.

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How People Get Away

As the law is getting harder every day, people are also finding a way out of the system and not getting caught. Sham marriages have become very popular, and that is why people now know what they need to do to prove their false marriage.

More often than ever, people capture lots of photographs as evidence. They keep these pictures as they know that this is something that can surely help them tackle the risky situation.

Spouses are also required to show proof of shared bank statements, pictures of holidays, legal agreements, and even old messages. They keep old messages that may not be true but serves as valuable proof of their relationship. Due to harsher enforcement, illegitimate couples are becoming more proactive.

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To get paid to marry a foreign woman is like one of the most common immigration frauds in this decade. On women get their citizenship, they end up getting a divorce. However, risks are increasing every day due to more law enforcement, and people are thinking twice about getting into such a trap that can ruin their whole lives.

We Explained Get Paid to Marry a Foreign Woman: Myths and Reality