Hair Transplant Recovery Guide – LA Hair Institute

Berry Mathew

Hair Transplant Recovery Guide - LA Hair Institute

Beard and hair transplants are relatively easy procedures when it comes to cosmetic surgery. These do not require use of any surgical instruments or general anesthesia and there are no scars. Recovery is also easy. Follicular Unit Extraction requires only a little downtime which means recovery is easy and it is one of the reasons it is a well-liked procedure. With that said, here is something you may want to know about recovery after a hair transplant procedure at the LA Hair Institute.

Stay Away from Physical Activities

After the procedure, you are most likely to be advised by your surgeon to stay away from physical activities for some time. Our recommendation is usually 2 weeks of complete break from various activities that might hamper the healing process. If you have to bend, make sure you do not bend your body at your waist but use your knees. 

You should avoid doing any activity which forces blood to rush to your head. It means staying away from monkey bars for a few weeks and no scuba diving for you. It is also recommended to avoid exercises leading to heavy sweating. If there are some activities that are a part of your daily routine, you should specifically ask your provider about them.

Hair Washing

Hair washing is a big concern for several patients. Many patients wonder when is the right time for them to start washing their hair without risking their newly implanted grafts. The fact is that hair washing is not as risky as people think. It is really safe to begin washing hair 48 hours after the procedure and if you want to wait for an extra 24 hours, that is completely fine. 

Do not apply shampoo directly on the head. Take a small drop in a regular size cup and fill it with water to create a bubbly mix. Pour this mix on to your head and rinse off with remaining water in the cup. Be gentle with your new hair grafts while getting rid of that greasy hair look. It is also recommended to stay away from shower head for at least 7 days after the procedure. Once a week has passed, you may begin to return to your regular life.

Hat Wearing

It is quite natural to want to cover your new hair grafts with a hat before stepping out. However, it is something we do not recommend. Keep your hair free for at least 3 days after the procedure. Even after the first 3 days, it is recommended to cover your hair only with a loose-fitting hat. If you like wearing a tighter fit such as a baseball cap, do it only after at least 5 days. 

After the first 5 days, you may cover your head with anything you like. Simply put, if the grafts are to be pulled from the head after 5 days, it will have to be done surgically. Within 5 days of the procedure, nothing can be done that might cause the grafts to fall out. 

You should also know that it is completely natural for some hair to fall within a few weeks to a few months after the transplant. It is completely natural and there is nothing to worry. Do not feel that there is something wrong with the new grafts. Hair shedding is a natural process and happens all the time.

Eyes, Sun, Swelling, and Itching

Swelling is quite normal after the procedure, especially after around day 3 and 4. Our recommendation is to keep your head in an elevated position for the first 7 days after the procedure to avoid swelling. You might want to sleep on the recliner and not on your regular bed. Keep in mind that it is a precautionary measure and not everyone experiences swelling. 

If you want to apply ice, make sure it only touches above your eyebrows and not on the transplanted area. Do not scratch your scalp even if it feels itchy, at least for the first few days. Scabs need to be allowed to form undisturbed – don’t promote scratching or itchying. 

Lightly rub some hair conditioner to get relief from itchiness. Protect your scalp from direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. As discussed earlier, you may start using a hat after 3 to 5 days. You might want to consider vacationing after your hair transplant procedure. Do not forget to stay out of the sun while enjoying your holidays.