DNA relationships testing procedures:

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DNA relationships testing procedures:

Overview of DNA testing regarding immigrant visa applicants

DNA testing is a very helpful technique when it comes to confirming the genetic relationship when there is no other solid alternative to confirm the association of the immigrant visa applicant. Most of the time, when confirming the relationship, DNA testing methods include half-siblings, full siblings, maternity, or paternity. On the other hand, when we want to confirm the conjunction between distant relatives, DNA testing is not the only reliable source of evidence. However, DNA testing is the only non-documentary method accepted as proof of biological relationship. Meanwhile, it is a very expensive and complex process, so that genetic testing should be used only when there is no other credible proof that a relationship exists. If you want a credible organization to do your relationship testing, you can come to us, as we do the best DNA testing in San Antonio, TX. In addition to that, our San Antonio DNA testing labs are equipped with the latest technology, so there is no probability of error.

If the DNA testing is warranted, the consular office may recommend the applicant take a relationship test in order to give evidence for his relationship. You should also keep in mind that all of these testing methods are totally voluntary, so all of the expenses are borne by the participants, and you should also know that the results do not guarantee that there would be an issuance of the visa.

What type of DNA sample process is used?

According to our San Antonio DNA testing experts, DNA evaluation is the most authentic method to know about the relationship between two individuals. The best method to collect DNA samples from an individual is through a cheek swab. The process contains the collection of cheek cells from the inside of the mouth with the help of a cotton swab. On the other hand, there is also 

the collection of blood samples, but cheek swabs are preferred as they are painless, simple, and easy to ship.

The accuracy of DNA testing:

With time the DNA testing industry has been revolutionized due to technological advancements and set a standard of 99.5%. In addition to that, the accuracy of the DNA test that is performed with the help of a cheek swab is equal to a test that is taken with the help of a blood test. The consular officer may only accept the result if there is a 99.5% of accuracy or if it is a greater degree of certainty, as this will support the visa cases.

The petitioner’s DNA sampling process:

Locate a great DNA testing facility:

If a DNA test is suggested, then the person should start the process by location the best DNA testing in San Antonio so that the DNA sample can be collected. Afterward, the laboratory you selected must be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). In addition to that, you should also be aware of the labs that claim to be accredited by the AABB or are somehow linked with AABB labs. As the United States government only accepts reports that are generated by the AABB accredited labs.

Similarly, the petitioner should also not receive the test kits directly for themselves or for their beneficiaries. At your appointment, you will submit your DNA with a buccal swab. Afterward, when the sample is provided to the AABB collection site or the clinic must submit their test kits directly to the main AABB testing site. You should always keep in mind that there is no circumstance where you should receive the DNA test kit for yourself. 

The embassy contacts the applicant:

Once the United States Embassy or consulate abroad gets the DNA kit from the accredited laboratory in the United States, they will contact the visa applicant who needs to provide a DNA sample and give him the appointment to come to the embassy or consulate.

DNA sampling fees:

Before the family member’s appointment, they must arrange the payment for the DNA collection process. When the payment is made, they will receive a receipt that is given to them, and it must be brought to the appointment at the United States Embassy or Consulate. If the family member fails to bring the receipt to the appointment, they will ask to reschedule their appointment.

Appear at the Embassy:

All of the DNA collection processes are done at the consulate section of the U.S. Embassy or consulate. You have to bring your passport, photo, and the receipt. 

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