Has Your Puppy Gotten Busy Marking Territories? Read on to Know Why!

Rohan Mathew

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Have you been spending a lot of time discovering puppy breeds so you can bring home that perfect puppy? Once you have spotted him and welcomed him home, your new fur baby will surely take some time to get familiar with the new environment and faces. But, it won’t be long before your puppy pal realises this home is where he belongs. He may even start marking his territory in your living areas. This is his way of sending out a simple message to other critters on the block that this is his home, and none dare cross his marked boundary.

However, if your puppy is being too protective of his territory or gets aggressive when someone refuses to toe the line, then you may need to seek your vet’s help to tackle your little pup’s behaviour. Use your pet health insurance, so you don’t have to worry about the vet visit charges and other medical bills. Suitable pet insurance will cover much of your puppy’s health needs and help save some money in your wallet too. So, book an appointment with your vet. He or she will guide you on how to help your puppy stop marking his territory all the time.

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Why do puppies get aggressive about their territory?

  1.     Pet owners may blame their tiny tail friends for any signs of aggression. However, know that sometimes it is the behaviour of pet parents towards their paw people that triggers aggression in pets. For instance, when you have two fur babies at home, make sure both are showered with good love and affection if you don’t wish to have two angry pets at home battling it out to gain your attention. Unfortunately, pet parents may fail to understand this and look for answers everywhere except within themselves.
  2.     It may be that the pet parents are more possessive about or strict with their young puppies in their home. They are seen as cute and vulnerable creatures needing more attention compared to the larger/older pet animals. Hence, their tiny pups may be made to initially remain cooped up indoors with little opportunity to socialize. It could be one reason for their pet puppies’ territorial behaviour.
  3.     Another common cause for puppies taking drastic measures to guard their territories is humans treating their teeny-weeny fur babies as human children. Pet parents often forget that their four-legged friends’ needs differ from humankind’s and take them for granted. They need to know their friends from the puppy world love to stroll, sniff places, explore, and learn new things. Restricting your mates to remaining by your side may lead to behavioural issues like aggression and marking territories.
  4.     Also, humans and puppies don’t share the same language. You may need some time to comprehend your puppy’s concerns or meet your vet to know what is bothering your puppy pal. It is easier to understand your puppy’s problems with your vet’s help. Regular vet visits help with the early diagnosis of any behavioural or physical health issues your puppy may suffer from.

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The best pet health insurance covers most of your pet health needs when it comes to vet visits and medical care. Purchase pet insurance for dogs, so your puppy has quality medical support in times of accidents, illnesses, health emergencies and much more.