Which Parts Of A Wedding Are Best To Save Money On?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Are you searching for a way to cut down your wedding budget? A myriad of expenses channel into the wedding, and some are unforeseen. Proper strategies, such as planning, may evade these costs. Tying knots should not drive you crazy to the extent of forgetting life after the wedding! As such, you have to adopt a mechanism to curb this challenge. Read on to this article to find parts of a wedding best to save on and have an extra coin.

1. Trim the number of guests

A wedding is not a campaign platform to host crowds. It is hard to celebrate a lifetime engagement without certain people. Thus, trimming your guest list seems a hard nut to crack, but you have to do it to work with your tight budget. Trimming the number of guests is the best mechanism to cut your budget. A limited number of guests at your wedding helps to: cut on catering expenses, venue size, rentals to hire, and invitation costs. You only budget for a few people and save money for other activities, including your honeymoon.

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2. Host your wedding in one place

Hosting your wedding in one place is a bargain. Both the ceremony and the reception at one place cut travel costs completely and the possibilities of accidents to take place. Hosting these ceremonies in different places, create a platform for extra costs to occur. The cost of planning and transporting people from one venue to another venue is a burden. Finally, hosting your wedding in one place cuts down on time for the whole event. Saving time works in favour of your tight budget, especially for vendors who need to be paid per hour.

3. Buy a diamond alternative

Tying a knot needs a symbol. A ring of any calibre can be a good symbol for your wedding. Since this ring is a lifetime symbol of engagement to someone you love, many couple tend to go for the most expensive rings. You can get moissanite or even a custom made ring with a lab-grown diamond at an affordable price when you choose a diamond alternative. Going for custom made rings creates an opportunity for you to save extra money for other preparations.

4. Order small cakes

It is a tradition of many weddings to have a cake. Cakes may consume a huge amount of money if not careful. If you go for more than four-tier cakes, then you will spend a lot of money. To cut on expenses, consider one or two-tier cakes with decorations that match your wedding and supplement it with a larger sheet cake that everyone can have a bit.

5. Order your jewellery online

Ordering your men’s wedding ring online creates greater opportunities to compare retail prices from different supplies. Additionally, you get an opportunity to read other customer reviews about the ring. Maybe it’s a bracelet your fiancé had never used before! Customer reviews can guide you into choosing a perfect match for your love. Finally, you can also choose a ring that fits into your budget and has all the features you are looking for from these online retail platforms.

6. Use Venue Resources

After hiring a venue, limit yourself to using only venue resources. Items such as tables, chairs, and linens translate into huge chunks of money when you out the source from other places. You will also cut costs to transport the items and damages costs. Moreover, you can request for buffet meals instead of plated, because buffet meals cut on expenses. Focusing on soft drinks only for your guest and avoiding beers and wines can greatly save your money.

7. Don’t feel pressure to party

Parties may drain your finances at the expense of impressing your friends. Avoiding some parties can save your money. Don’t feel obligated to create additional events like a bachelor party with may create extra costs. Focus on your wedding to save more money.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, you have to devote huge parts of your budget to areas that are essential to your wedding. Be ready to compromise with your friends, but make the right decision that will sail you through your wedding. You can go through online reviews on how to save your finances during this period and have a better life after your wedding.

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