Replace Your Traditional Christmas Party Ideas with These Safe Socially Distant Work Socials

Rohan Mathew

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Social distancing is a measure to restrain the spread of the coronavirus. Somehow, it has negative effects on businesses but they can only adapt while ensuring compliance and effective employee development through socially distant work socials.

During the surge of the pandemic, ONS reported that 46.6% of people who were in employment worked from home and that from those people who were working from home, 86.% done so because of the pandemic. 

Amidst these troubles, Cezanne HR compiled top online activities that can engage employees ahead of the Christmas party season, of which some these activities can be observed at

In this article, you will discover the most popular socially distant activities that can engage, build, refine, and encourage your workforce. Replace your Christmas party ideas with these socially distant work socials:

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Escape Room

The escape room is a fun game with uber-real scenery that challenges employees to cooperate, discover clues, puzzle out difficulties, and beat the time. Of course, the entire drama occurs in a single room with every sequence featuring a common goal to be accomplished within a limited time, typically 60 minutes.

The goal brings workers together as friends and offers them a chance to exit as champions or fail and try again. It does not just take time, it encourages cooperative teamwork that could be extended to reality, especially when the employees get back in their respective offices. Now, get a host, video software, writing materials, and get started.

Pub Quiz

At the workplace, employees do not have all the time to interact among themselves. However, the good old pub quiz and the sense of working from home brings everyone to chitchat, smile at wins, and frown at losses. Well, the pub quiz is a game of win and lose; someone must be the victor and the other a loser.

You could address your questions to your colleagues, Christmas, and even the business management, which incites explosive moments. Meanwhile, you should spice up the game by rewarding both winners and losers. Of course, losers would not receive prizes as treasured as those of winners.

Murder Mystery

In the murder mystery, one employee would play the murderer and another sect must figure out the man responsible. How good would you be as a murder detective at work? Well, here is your chance to showcase to the company, employees, or colleagues your level of working out situations while maintaining social distance and keeping off Christmas gatherings.

Depending on the developer of the murder mystery, you could play with up to 6-14 guests. Everyone is a suspect, the host can join in the game, and you should not guess randomly because every suspect has a story to tell, which you use to figure out the state of affairs.

Dinner Game

If you are a foodie, the dinner game should be one of your best distant work socials. It offers you an opportunity to incite laughter before, during, or after dinner with your favourite meal. You can think of lines that tickle your employees or colleagues or set up quizzes for engagements.

Typically, a dinner game would comprise teams of 3-8 employees and it features rounds that extend the fun. It creates a beautiful moment that even after the game, employees could discuss the fun during chats or phone calls. Since society preaches “social distance” currently, a dinner game should replace your Christmas party idea.

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Cooking Course

“No Christmas gatherings”, they say. Well, you should engage the workforce or colleagues with a socially distant work social such as a cook course or class.

Most employees, especially the live-alone workers, prefer to eat away from home. Most of the time, it feels tiring to prepare meals, which can change through any cooking course. Instead of the ready meals, engage colleagues in cookery classes, interact, and learn a few things about them.

Notwithstanding your cooking expertise, you could learn a couple of cooking skills from colleagues. So, host the cookery, invite colleagues to join, display your skills, and challenge them to host the same another day.

Business Effectiveness of Socially Distant Work Socials

Analysing figures from the Annual Population Survey, Business Comparison claims that about 1.7 million people work from home in the UK currently, constituting about 5% of the 32.6 million workforces in the country.

 A Huawei research, as mentioned by Employee Benefits adds that 75% of employees are happy working from home in the UK. We can deduce that after the billow of the pandemic, lots of businesses have adopted and adapted so quickly that most of the workforce are yet to resume offices.

The earlier perspective of social distancing was unaccommodating in businesses since it indicated dissension among employees, but not until the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since employees are reportedly happier working from home, socially distant work socials become a solution to home boredom, insufficient work input, and encourages employees through active participation to keep their working spirit alive.