The Right Time To Start JEE Main Preparation

Rohan Mathew

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The Right Time To Start JEE Main Preparation

JEE Main is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams and it requires dedication, persistence and the right approach. To crack JEE Mains, students must have a proper plan. The right preparation of JEE Main includes an overall strategy to clear the exam, a timetable, well-researched study materials, qualitative mock test series and previous year papers. 

JEE Main is conducted by National Testing Agency(NTA) in four seasons: February, March, April and May. It is advisable to start JEE Main preparation as early as possible. 

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Start preparation with a little time in hand 

Most of the students are started JEE Main preparation from class 11th, but it is not pate for those who didn’t start their preparation in class 11th. It is ideal for anyone who started preparing along with the board examination. This practice will give you a better start and students can understand the concepts better when they are taught in school. However, many of the students clear the exams in just a few months of preparation. It purely depends on the student’s ability, dedication and preparation plans. If the students are well focused, hard-working and ready to make some sacrifices, half of the battle they already won, and this dedication can easily ace JEE Main. If you are strongly dedicated to a positive approach, it is advisable to utilise your free time. Mostly in 9th standard, students are free but with high grasping power. Parents have to give a direction to their approach and try to utilise their time in a better way. In this exam, the role of basics that you studied in school is too important. Most of the questions are prepared to check your basics. 

However, two years are enough to prepare for JEE Main if the students are serious. Nowadays students started their preparations from class 8th and this practice helps you to enhance your grades. Some of the talented students can crack this exam in one year but they are geniuses. Apart from all, the period of two years is good and acceptable for many students perceptions. 

Whenever the students started preparing the first question that comes up to mind that how to start preparation and how long to study. Most of them do have not a good plan, they just start preparation without any plan. It is better to understand everything about the exams before the beginning. Once a student understood all things, the next step would be to prepare a timetable and make plans. 

Those who wanted to ace JEE Main, have to prepare effective plans and arrange quality materials. Here, the best JEE Main study plan is given: 

Check to JEE Main complete syllabus 

Detailed knowledge of JEE Main complete syllabus is very crucial in preparation. Students have to know what they have to study. Students should also check the JEE Mains syllabus with weightage to get an idea of topics. Which are frequently asked from others. 

All questions are being asked from the prescribed syllabus. Students need not have to study beyond the syllabus. Experts also suggest the same. For JEE Main, the syllabus is too vast and exhaustive and also difficult to cover all the aspects of the syllabus. 

Understand JEE Mains exam pattern 

Along with the preparation, students should understand the exam pattern. This understanding helps you to find out important topics and their weightage too. Concentrating on significant topics will increase your possibilities of scoring high marks. Also, focus on the topics that have heavy weightage.

Understanding the pattern will help you to plan about the subject wise study. This subject-wise preparation will be helpful to make your preparation easy. 

Analyse previous year papers 

Previous year papers play a vital role in exam preparation. The JEE Mains exam paper will help you to analyse the difficulty of exams, important chapters and topics with higher weightage. This practice will also help you to evaluate your preparation level, weak topics and time management. 

Select best materials 

For any exams, it is a must to have the best quality and well-researched material. The well-organised material will help you to create understanding easily. The best material will give you the favourable direction to prepare your basics strongly. In well-researched material, all concepts are explained easily. 

Time table and revision plan 

A well-prepared timetable will always motivate you to study and a revision plan will help you to retain the concepts for a long time. Be wise to revise. It is advisable to you hand made notes and JEE Main Revision notes prepared by an expert. It would be best to revise concepts before going to the bed. A well-prepared timetable makes you dedicated to the study. While preparing a timetable, try to avoid distracting activities and convert your unnecessary activities into a utilised way. 

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Action plan for JEE Main 

Preparation leads a road to success and it requires certain strategies. Prepare an action plan that is achievable and according to your abilities to achieve. It often happens with students that they prepare a plan which does not fit best for them. They have to prepare a plan according to their ability to achieve it. Also, keep avoid the comparison of your plans with others, it will create complexity. Also, add some brakes to your plans, it is not good to study continuously. So take some time to refresh your mind and relax. 

Mock test practice 

When you practice more and more questions, you will master that topic. So, in that way students have to try to give mock tests as much as they can. These mock test also helps them to indicate their strong and weak topics. These mock tests will give equal weightage to all topics, often students ignore some topics but this test series helps you to learn all topics with equal preferences. 

These are some useful points that will be proven helpful in your preparation. This article helps you to understand all about JEE Mains and gives them a direction for your preparation.