Find Out Trendy Children’s Books With The Best Book Subscription For Kids

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Find Out Trendy Children's Books With The Best Book Subscription For Kids

Reading is an excellent way to improve speaking, listening skills, and increase vocabulary. Books have vivid pictures, important life lessons, as well as simple vocabulary and grammar. The heroes of books teach children to be friends, respect their parents, be fair, and achieve their goals. Each of us began our journey in the world with children’s literature. Choosing the most interesting from a huge number of children’s books is not easy. We have compiled for you a list of interesting and classic children’s books. 

Reading about friendship in books, especially in Marcel and the Shakespeare Letters /Stephen Rabley/ is very valuable for kids’ development. This book is about two mouse friends: one from France, the other from England. These smart babes will go on an adventure and rescue Shakespeare’s valuable books. There are a lot of dialogues and direct speech in the book, which will help your baby to have a good oral speech in the future.

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The more books your child has, the more joyful his childhood will be! The Bear Can Read was founded to make learning to read at home easier for children and their parents by assembling the best phonics material. A book subscription for kids is available on the website. The books are the newest and most engaging in the market. Their aim is to make reading levels and targets totally transparent: thus parents always know how their child is doing.

Freckles by Andrew Matthews addresses an important issue for every child: that is self-acceptance and self-love. This is a story about a teenage girl Susie who doesn’t like herself and her freckles. She will go the whole way of realizing that every little thing is a feature and you can and should love and accept it.

Kipling did not spend six months in South Africa in vain. There he was engaged in “ethnographic intelligence”, and wrote a wonderful book in the end, called Little Tales. The book contains a lot of stories about animals, their lives and adventures. There are also stories of an inquisitive elephant, a lone cat and a smart leopard. The heart of children very touchingly perceives such tales and learns to believe in the miracles in this world.

The original story about a wooden boy named Pinocchio is full of incredible stories about his birth, the discovery of life, simple and complex truths. His adventures touch children very much, they want to sympathize and empathize with an unusual hero.

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Little Princess Francis by Eliza Hodgson Burnett is a very romantic book and touches children’s hearts. It is about friendship, trials and the happiness that a person gets after going through all the difficulties. The book teaches courage, faith in yourself and responsibility for everything you do.

Children love to watch cartoons and read books about Alice and her amazing, sometimes strange adventures. Of course, because there is a whole storehouse of ideas for fantasy, imagination and inventions! Sometimes we just want to visit her world, see all these miracles and reincarnations.

Teddy Bear by Don Freeman is a story about a teddy bear for sale in a toy store. One button is missing on the Teddy Bear, so no one wants to buy it. The teddy bear decides that if he finds a new button, someone will definitely buy him. As a result, one night he escapes from a toy store and gets to a large store to find a button. Unfortunately, he didn’t find a button, but to find out what happened next, you will have to read this book yourself.

Remember how in childhood you dreamed of a nanny-magician? It seems that the magical story about Mary Poppins will always be relevant. The author showed how the lives of children have changed with the arrival of an unusual and magical nanny. The lives of Michael and Jane were painted with bright and magical colors.

The call of the ancestors by Jack London is the story about a dog called Buck, who grew up in California but forced to live in northern Canada. She has a lot to go through and overcome in order to live happily.

 Listen, read, dream with your baby. Make reading together a family tradition!