What Is A Panel Bed? Difference Between A Platform and Panel Bed

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What Is A Panel Bed? Difference Between A Platform and Panel Bed

When thinking of what is a panel bed first thing that comes to mind is 1960s beds with cabins but they are more than this. A bed is one biggest focal points in the bedroom. The bed frame and mattress gives a perfect look to your bedroom. When you are thinking about a panel bed in your master bedroom there is a lot that you must think about. Even though there are many options when you are looking for a bed if you are thinking about a panel bed then you must know everything about it. Here will tell you all about what is a panel bed?

What Is A Panel Bed?

A panel bed is designed in such a way that a traditional box spring mattress that needs the support of a box fits on it. These beds have a bed frame with a headboard and four wall frame with a sturdy structure. They also have an under bed storage space. A canopy bed is an example of a panel bed.

The panel bed has a surface of wooden slats that will increase the airflow for your mattress. But you need a box spring as it does not have enough support of its own.

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Features Of A Panel Bed

Here are the 4 features that are there in any panel bed

  1. Traditional Look

Panel beds are here from nearly the 20th century when there was mass mattress production and box spring was a very important part of the sleeping setup. The word panel bed is driven from the panels of wood it has on the headboard or footboard and sometimes on both.

The side rails of these types of beds enable it to hold a box mattress perfectly in it. Often these beds have a decorative and extravagant look. They usually have a hearkening back with a traditional design and gives a great look to these beds.

  1. Box Spring

The best part of panel beds is that you have to just set your box spring on the bed for a good relaxing sleep. Your panel bed will require a box spring under your mattress that will give you optimal comfort and support.

Box spring not only gives you a good sleep it gives height to your bed. On the other hand, these box springs are heavy and weighty to move. Also, they can only fit on the beds with frames.

  1. Underbed Storage

Panel beds are known as space savers too. They are commonly raised from the ground because of the legs. This gives space for storage for your household items under your bed. Many panel beds also have compartments and drawers in them. This storage space makes it easier to keep lots of household items and store them and also saves the extra space that they may take.

  1. Headboards

The headboard is a feature that is well known about a panel bed that has a good height as panel beds come with different storage options like drawers, shelves, and many other extra storage options that are very handy in a bedroom.

You will see many different and stylish headboards and footboards for the beds. As the beds come with a variety of materials to choose from the same is with the headboards. The materials can metal or even solid woods. A panel bed by default has a headboard but some also a footboard with them.

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Difference Between A Platform And Panel Bed

There are some differences between platform beds and panel beds. Let us find out what are they

Platform Beds

  • Platform beds are designed in such a way that they are sleek and simple.
  • They do have headboards or footboards.
  • They sit lower to the ground than the counterparts they have.
  • They are simple in looks and design

Panel Beds

  • Panel Beds are large and sturdy as that have to support the box spring and mattress
  • They come with a headboard or footboard and sometimes with both.
  • They come with extra storage which can also be drawers and shelves.
  • They have a very stylish and traditional look


Which Is A Better Platform Or Panel Bed?

Panel beds are designed in such a way that the box springs and mattress can fit perfectly on them whereas on platform beds you can place your mattress directly on the bed.

A panel bed give a traditional look to your bedroom whereas platform beds have a simple and modern look

Panel beds are large and sturdy whereas platform beds are sleek.

Are Panel Beds Comfortable?

Yes, panel beds are comfortable with the box spring and mattress on it which gives you a good relaxing sleep. Although you need to take care and remember that the box springs may wear with time and it may cause the mattress to slump.

Can You Turn A Panel Bed Into A Platform Bed?

Platform beds do not have headboards or footboards and are commonly lower than most of the beds. You can convert an ordinary bed to a platform bed by simply removing the box springs and using the mattress on the platform.

What Does A Platform Bed Look Like?

Platform beds look simple and have horizontal lines and aesthetics all over. When the platform beds are introduced it was not common to have beds without box springs on them.  They have a very simple décor and modern look.

What Type Of Bed Is Most Comfortable?

The foam mattress is the most popular variety in India as it provides a soft support to the back. This variety features foam inside the cushions instead of coir and hence are very soft and comforting. A foam mattress is also the best mattress of backache, hip pains and have an average lifespan of seven to eight years.

What Is The Strongest Style Of Bed?

Platform-topped beds like divan beds are considered the most sturdy type of bed frame. These have a solid base so you are completely supported without any gaps. They won’t sag either as there are no support bars to give way. So if you are looking for a sturdy bed frame, platform bases are a great option.

Is Panel Bed A Platform?

A panel bed is designed to hold a mattress and a box spring, while a platform bed can be used with a mattress alone and does not requre a box spring. While this is the verdict that many brands stand by, you may find that sometimes, the definitions are interchangeable.

Can You Use A Mattress Without A Box Spring On A Platform Bed?

Platform beds are beds that don’t require a box spring. They’re usually made of wood or metal and have a solid surface to place your mattress. Platform beds are popular because they are more affordable than traditional bed frames with box springs. They take up less space, and they’re more durable.


Choosing the right bed for you is very important. A good bed will not only give you a perfect sleep, beds also add a look to your bedroom. Once you buy a bed it’s not easy to replace them easily. A panel bed does not only have space for box spring and mattress and headboards and footboards that also have that extra storage space which can store anything without taking any extra space.

We hope when choosing the bed for your beautiful bedroom you will right one for yourself. Do we hope that all we mentioned above about what is a panel bed? Will help you know what kind of bed you may need.


What Is A Panel Bed? Difference Between A Platform and Panel Bed

Difference Between A Platform and Panel Bed

What Is A Panel Bed?