What Is A Scrying Mirror?

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What Is A Scrying Mirror

Are you curious to know what is a scrying mirror? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about a scrying mirror in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is a scrying mirror?

What Is A Scrying Mirror?

A scrying mirror, also known as a black mirror or magic mirror, is a tool used in divination and spiritual practices. It is typically a flat, dark-colored surface, often made of obsidian, black glass, or polished metal, that is used to help a practitioner focus their intent and access their intuitive and psychic abilities.

History Of Scrying Mirrors

Scrying is a form of divination that has been practiced for thousands of years across many different cultures and traditions. It involves gazing into a reflective surface, such as water, a crystal ball, or a mirror, in order to receive spiritual insights or messages.

The use of black mirrors specifically is often traced back to the European Middle Ages, when scrying was associated with the practice of witchcraft and was considered a punishable offense. However, scrying mirrors have also been used by indigenous peoples in South America, Asia, and Africa for centuries.

How Scrying Mirrors Work

The process of scrying with a mirror typically involves sitting in a quiet, dimly-lit space and gazing into the mirror for an extended period of time. As the practitioner stares into the mirror, they may begin to notice subtle changes in the surface, such as colors, shapes, or symbols.

These images are said to come from the practitioner’s subconscious or the spiritual realm and can be interpreted to gain insight or guidance on a particular issue or question. Some practitioners also use scrying mirrors to connect with spirit guides, ancestors, or other beings.

Using a scrying mirror requires practice and patience, as it can take time to develop the ability to focus and interpret the images that arise. However, many practitioners find that scrying can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and connecting with higher states of consciousness.


In conclusion, a scrying mirror is a tool used in divination and spiritual practices that allow practitioners to access their intuitive and psychic abilities. It is typically a flat, dark-colored surface that is used for gazing and focusing intent. While the use of scrying mirrors has been associated with witchcraft and other taboo practices in the past, it is now widely accepted as a valid spiritual practice that can provide valuable insights and guidance. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, scrying mirrors can be a powerful tool for exploring your inner world and connecting with the spiritual realm.

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How Do You Get A Scrying Mirror?

Scrying Mirrors can be found in any room with a desk. Luckily, there are duplicates that spawn all around the hotel, so if you lose your items and need another one, try to find one of these rooms. They also can only be used in dark or dimly-lit areas.

What Is Scrying Good For?

Scrying is a way to get a fair amount of gold, treasure, and some pretty unique items. Essentially, a player can use the Antiquities mechanic of Scrying to read Leads, which can be found in treasure chests, world bosses, public dungeons, and lots of other sources throughout a zone.

What Are Obsidian Mirrors Used For?

The people of ancient Mexico used polished obsidian mirrors, or mezcal, as instruments of divination. By gazing into a mirror’s smoky depths, sorcerers traveled to the world of gods and ancestors.

What Are Black Mirrors Made Of?

Black mirrors were originally made of polished obsidian rock (also known as volcanic glass – forms from lava that cools immediately after eruption usually into water). Obsidian rocks are considered to have powerful metaphysical properties that help to shield one against negativity.

How Do I Start Scrying?

How do I begin Scrying? To begin scrying, open your Journal and go to the Antiquities tab. Select “Scryable” to see which antiquities you have the Leads for and the relevant skills to scry for the zone you’re in.


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