What Is Trade Spend?

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what is trade spend

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What Is Trade Spend?

Trade spend, also known as trade promotion or trade marketing, is a form of marketing expenditure that manufacturers or suppliers spend to incentivize retailers or distributors to promote or sell their products. This type of spending is used in various industries, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Trade spending can take many forms, such as offering discounts, providing promotional materials or displays, or reimbursing retailers for advertising or marketing expenses. The goal of trade spend is to encourage retailers to promote or sell the manufacturer’s products more prominently or exclusively, which can increase sales and market share.

One of the primary benefits of trade spend is that it can create a mutually beneficial relationship between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers get greater visibility for their products, and retailers get financial incentives to increase sales. Additionally, trade spend can help manufacturers compete with other brands in a crowded market, particularly in industries where there are many similar products.

However, trade spending can also be expensive and difficult to manage effectively. Manufacturers must carefully analyze the return on investment (ROI) of each trade promotion to ensure that they are getting the desired results. They must also be careful not to overspend on trade promotions, which can erode profit margins and reduce the long-term viability of the business.

Another potential issue with trade spend is that it can create a pricing disparity between retailers. If one retailer receives a significant discount or promotional benefit from a manufacturer, they may be able to sell the product at a lower price than other retailers. This can create resentment among retailers and potentially harm relationships between manufacturers and retailers.


In conclusion, a trade spend is a form of marketing expenditure used to incentivize retailers or distributors to promote or sell a manufacturer’s products. It can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and market share, but it must be managed carefully to ensure a positive ROI and avoid pricing disparities between retailers.

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What Is Considered Trade Spending?

Trade spend is the money that brands spend to promote their products at retail locations. Trade spending can take many different forms, such as discounts, free items, and joint marketing campaigns.

How Do You Calculate The Trade Spend Rate?

The spend Ratio is computed by taking your Incremental Revenue and dividing it by your total Spend. This can be done for a single event or any aggregated period, such as a quarter or year.

What Percentage Of Revenue Is Trade Spent?

TRADE SPEND CAN ACCOUNT FOR AS MUCH AS 25 PERCENT OF GROSS SALES and is, as we all know, the second-largest item on the P&L behind the cost of goods sold.

What Is The Primary Goal Of Trade Spend Optimization?

What is Trade Promotion Optimization? TPO is a data-driven process by which brands can minimize spending while increasing ROI on their trade promotions. With 55% of trade spending failing to raise consumer awareness of brands in any meaningful way, TPO is vital to better allocation of trade spend.


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